Will History Give Credit to Biden for Trump’s Rollout of the Vaccine and Operation Warp Speed?

A Cure For Covid-19

Will history give credit to Biden for Trump’s rollout of the vaccine and operation warp speed?

The question came up on Quora, a lively marketplace of human ideas.

My Answer:

Does it matter? Don’t the liberals want history erased?

There’s a crisis at the border and all the left can do is repeat bullshit.

WATCH: Alex Jones Physically Stops Vehicle After Witnessing Migrant Children Being Stuffed in the Luggage Compartment

History, if anyone cares about it, will do whatever the government tells the media to write. America no longer has a media it can trust.

For anyone who might care … as do-gooders pretend to … I can blow this whole story out of the water by simply reading simple facts.

There are several vaccines for COVID now. In order for them to be approved for COVID, each vaccine requires an FDA Emergency Use Authorization. This is a fast way for the FDA to approve the drug as safe and effective, when they don’t have time to do full testing, which takes years.

If we stop here, and ask the open minded among us, how’s that sound? Do you trust the FDA and it’s fast track “EUA” program, which can speed things up under emergency conditions? I think it’s fine; never had any problem with EUAs. They’re not a new thing.

What people don’t seem to acknowledge is that this is not the first time COVID was targeted as an EMERGENCY by the FDA. This is not the first time a CURE has been found, Continue reading “Will History Give Credit to Biden for Trump’s Rollout of the Vaccine and Operation Warp Speed?”

The Greatest President in US History Launches Two Major Websites

Donald Trump,
The Greatest President in US History

The website Disrn announces today “Donald and Melania Trump launch the official website of the 45th President of the United States. The site, 45office.com, is intended to allow supporters to keep in touch with the former first couple, request participation in public events, and gather general information on Trump’s presidency.”

Disrn says “Though the current features on the website are somewhat limited, it is possible that the site may offer a central hub for Trump to communicate and issue statements and commentaries on current events following his ban from social media.”

Meanwhile, Trump is also setting up his own social media site, to directly compete with Facebook and Twitter, both of which have censorship based foundations. Huffpost joined the Boston Globe Continue reading “The Greatest President in US History Launches Two Major Websites”

Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) Speaks at CPAC 2021 in Orlando, FL 2/27/21

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem shone in the spotlight Saturday at CPAC. The event was broadcast live by Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN). Noem discussed how well her state has done using real science, not shutting down any businesses, and ripped Andy Cuomo, rallying the crowd who supported her legacy of fact and science with enthusiastic boos at the mention of Cuomo’s name. Her talk was like an enjoyable ride on a rollercoaster of freedom. Dangerous, but refreshing.

Her words were a mixture of warning and hope, while jabbing imposters with a well-sharpened stick. Much of the speech is transcribed below. The full video is also embedded for you to enjoy.

Highlights – Governor Kristi Noem

“By the beginning of 2020, President Trump had created seven-million new American jobs, we had the lowest unemployment rate in over half a century, and unemployment rates for black, hispanic and asian Americans reached the lowest levels in history. More than 10-million people had been lifted out of poverty and out of welfare.”

“And all of that changed in March.” Continue reading “Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) Speaks at CPAC 2021 in Orlando, FL 2/27/21”

Saturday Night Live Sucks a Little Less, as the Popular Show Roasts Liberal Governors

The Mess Setup

How much of a mess can people make, that others will ignore? At what point do people who lie begin to turn on each other, lie about each other, and turn hypocrisy and ill-will toward each other? How much of a mess can American media ignore? It seems inevitable, when you leave a trail of broken promises, lies, misdirection and intentional damage … someone will eventually notice, and the devilish spirits participating will taste their own medicine.

That time draws ever nearer, as the liberal-loving late night TV show “Saturday Night Live,” a show with a foundation of real comedy from real comedians, no longer has fair-haired Donny Trump to push around.

They’ll just unleash their comedy on Biden lovers in an apparent fit of unusually good taste, and probably an attempt to bolster … TV ratings. Fox News: Saturday Night Live poked fun at New York’s Andrew Cuomo for a second straight weekend — this time with fellow Democrats Gavin Newsom of California and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan lampooned as well.”

Fair is fair! Biden’s trying to appoint unqualified oddballs to cabinet positions, he has zero plans to contain COVID, he never responded at all in any meaningful, helpful way to devastating, deadly weather in Texas, and he and his lackeys expect every American voter and every politician to not just back him, but cover for his ineptitude. It’s really, really hard to ignore.

Last evening’s appropriately-make-believe game show on SNL was hosted by none other than the (fake) Dr. Anthony Fauci, who did a splendid job.


SNL Weekend Update host Michael Che: “Sen. John Thune said he opposed the $15 minimum wage because he used to get by on $6 an hour when he was a young man,” Che began. “But that was like 40 years ago when rent was like a dollar and everybody had one porno tape. This is why Democrats never get stuff done. You keep leaving it to a vote and taking ‘no’ for an answer. When Republicans lose a vote, they storm the capital. Why can’t y’all get that mad? Say what you will about a guy in a Viking helmet taking a dump in Nancy Pelosi’s desk, but he will not be ignored!”

And according to Fox’s report, “U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas (Aidy Bryant), also joined the show as a contestant, but he appeared to be angling to showcase his stand-up comedy talents rather than trying to get the vaccine.”

“It is great to be back in New York City,” the senator said, redoing the comedy routine from his CPAC appearance this week. “Sorry, my arms are tired ’cause I just flew back from Cancun, Mexico.” The real Cruz made a similar joke at the Orlando, Fla., conference to make light of his ill-timed trip to a sunny resort amid his state’s winter-storm crisis.

And, while it may seem all in fun, it’s this reporter’s opinion this kind of fun is what the world needs more of. It’s fair minded, open season bullying, with a whiff of integrity … and comedy may be the last stronghold for reason and truth that has the power to do more than make us laugh.

This funny business may just set us free.


Mark Urso

We Got Your Back (A Poem For 2021)

A Poem Banner

We Got Your Back

The capitol’s surrounded by eight foot fences
But nobody’s sure what they’re defendin’
My mama taught me to double check my sources
I got all day and I’m gonna dance on the tension

This world’s spinning in a field of black holes
Up high in the mountains it’s as perfect as gold
The view on my horse and that settin’ sun
My freedom’s the glimmer off the side of my gun

We love you nature, yea, we got your back
All them fossil fuels coming out our smokestacks
Some people say we’re gonna stop spinnin’ soon!
I got all day and I’m just gonna try and be cool Continue reading “We Got Your Back (A Poem For 2021)”

Van Der Veen Gives Reporter Some Real Medicine Live on CBSN (with Video)

It’ll be Van der Veen for the Win!

“When I watch the news, I watch one station and it’s raining. I watch another station, at the same time, and it’s sunny. Your coverage is so slanted, it’s got to stop!”
– Trump team attorney Michael Van der Veen live on CBSN

I love this guy. Watch the end – he’s completely disgusted, rips off his mic and walks away. Anchor Lana Zak struggles to maintain her ability to jostle fact, turning a standard, normal interview into an interruption match. Her only point is her pride; she stops actually listening to her guest (read: opponent) at the very beginning. Continue reading “Van Der Veen Gives Reporter Some Real Medicine Live on CBSN (with Video)”

Untouchable or Innocent? The Legacy of the Greatest President in US History

The Democratic Lie

Members of the US Congress are lying, looking you in the eye and spending millions of dollars of your money to support their lies.

The following was penned by an anonymous user on Quora.
It’s on point and has a sense of flow, grace and sensibleness.

It was written on the same day Donald Trump was found innocent in an impeachment trial, for the second time, an historic first that reflects a political atmosphere spoiled with bitterness and unfair treatment of the public by a conspiring, complicit mainstream press.

The Question:

Why does Donald Trump seem so untouchable?

The Greatest American President

The answer: Because he hasn’t done anything wrong. I mean, come on. They tried to impeach him for calling on a crowd to proceed “peacefully and patriotically” to “make their voices heard” and “cheer on” legislators who were willing to contest electoral votes. Democrat after Democrat stood on the floor of the Senate in 2016, accused the Trump administration of stealing the election, and demanded that the Senate reject the electoral votes. Trump encouraged Republicans to do the exact same thing, and the Democrats put him on trial for “inciting an insurrection.”? It’s ridiculous.

Did you expect a conviction? Trump’s legal team opened on Friday by showing a video of the Democrat impeachment manager himself demanding that the Senate reject the vote of the electoral college and overturn Continue reading “Untouchable or Innocent? The Legacy of the Greatest President in US History”

Democrats Want a Fight? Okay! (in their own words) With Video!


If you’re looking for some good 2021 hypocrisy, to confirm you’re not crazy, but they are … skip to the middle, where Kommie says “FIGHT” about a million times. Hillary yells FIGHT. Everybody’s in here. What a ride – Great mashup! – it should probably be rated “R” for violence.

Kommie actually says “We will fight the fight!” Madonna and Maxine Waters are equally ugly. Hypocrisy is the great equalizer.

Now they’re criticizing Trump for using the word once Continue reading “Democrats Want a Fight? Okay! (in their own words) With Video!”

How to Fight Back in an Unfair, Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Game of Politics

blog banner with peace sign

Cancel Culture

Polls don’t mean anything! Comments are all turned OFF on mainstream media websites. Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are doing the Dominion cheaters dance …

I feel like I could scream and no-one would hear me! 

Is There a Way to Crack the Shield of Censorship?

What do we really need? What are our goals? Very specifically, would one be something so simple as a true display of the characters in Washington and around the Biden administration? Wouldn’t it be worth having a view portal that was publicly understood and available and widely used and trusted? Could we come to a place where no more explaining would have to be done because people would be able to see what’s actually happening? Hard to believe, but that’s what we’ve lost!

So, if we want to send a message to Washington, we should focus on free speech, and even more specifically, free speech done intentionally, aimed at the guy on the fence. We need targeted, good writing based on valid research. We need an army of authors and creators. And they all should have the same goal, same intention, same target audience, which is the guy on the fence.

There are millions of people “ready” to listen.

There are millions of people who will understand Continue reading “How to Fight Back in an Unfair, Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Game of Politics”

The New, Improved New Greene Deal – Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Weapon is Hope

Who to hate? Who to believe?

The Truth

US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) held a news conference the day after the House voted to remove her from her committee assignments. She defends our military and unravels one lie after another. She’s survived being targeted by the same liberal conspiracy plot she has dedicated herself to uncovering.

“I have a message to other Christians in this country: Don’t be lukewarm. That’s not what your faith is for. Our Savior died on a cross so your sins can be forgiven and He doesn’t want you to be quiet about it. He wants you to share the Gospel, and share it with everyone!” Continue reading “The New, Improved New Greene Deal – Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Weapon is Hope”

The Final Warning is There Will Be No Final Warning – Life and Death and the Biggest Flip Flop that No-One Cares About

“Now that it is way too late for the nearly half a million people in America who already died after testing positive for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), Facebook, the American Journal of Medicine (AJM), and other Big Media and Big Tech outlets are suddenly coming clean about being dead wrong concerning the safety and effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). A new study published in the AJM right around the time that Joe Biden was installed as “president” found that early treatment of coronavirus patients with HCQ resulted in a drastically lower mortality rate.”

“Those who followed the deadly advice of Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci, on the other hand, are much more prone to serious illness or death. Patients who were able Continue reading “The Final Warning is There Will Be No Final Warning – Life and Death and the Biggest Flip Flop that No-One Cares About”

Rand Paul vs George Stephanopoulos, The Zombie/Human Cage Match You’ve Been Waiting For, on ABC

From ABC News – Election Fraud is the Topic

Somehow ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos feels compelled to disagree with US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), despite opposition from the majority of citizens. The number of US citizens who doubt the election was legitimate will inevitably only increase from this point forward, as the Biden administration continues to show its cards, falling on false promises, placing poorly-credentialed people (some real weirdos) in staff positions, flubbing in public and lying.

There are some people, like Biden’s own wife, who may be less invested (or maybe I’m wrong, I know!); some people in peripheral places who’ve been tagging along but aren’t passionate about the current situation … but the more invested people like Stephanopoulos get as time rolls by, the deeper he’ll get into this mud. He’s clearly driving the car. This is not normal journalism. But it is major mainstream media, ABC news, and it’s not pretty.

Paul: “Where you make a mistake … you immediately say everything’s a lie, instead of saying there’s two sides to everything. Historically what would happen is, if I said that I thought there was fraud, you would interview someone else who said there wasn’t; but now you insert yourself into the middle, and say the absolute fact is that everything I’m saying is a lie.” Continue reading “Rand Paul vs George Stephanopoulos, The Zombie/Human Cage Match You’ve Been Waiting For, on ABC”

The Not So Distant Future Has Arrived, As We Fall With The New World Order

It used to be we had a little time before the future arrived.
But now, it’s too late!

The future still exists, but it’s anybody’s call, anybody’s game!

If Bonnie and Clyde were alive today (hey, why not?) they’d probably just go ahead and storm the Capitol and take over.

It’s easy! They let you right in!

So, it’ll be cowboys and Indians, sort of a combination of Dances With Wolves and Little House on the Prairie, with everyone and anyone making laws, breaking things … eh, whatever … OR a total dictatorship, more like the bad guys on Star Wars, but with a strong emphasis on questionable fashion choices, like The Hunger Games.

And this isn’t satire!

This might well be the most real news story you read today!

Getting Hungry?

Though Hunger Games, is technically a trilogy, there’s a little-known fourth episode the studios are currently fawning over, in which we follow the flight of a Mockingjay all the way from Iraq to Washington DC, where it’s captured and returned to Iraq, and subsequently set on fire, interweaving elements from the previous three episodes with Continue reading “The Not So Distant Future Has Arrived, As We Fall With The New World Order”