The Origin of Things

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About the stone age, before the days of computers.

The first computer I used was a Radio Shack TRS80. We were in radio at the time. This was one of the first computers available to the public. We had several; they all ran MS-DOS, the archaic operating system Microsoft invented Continue reading “The Origin of Things”

Should I end a 2 year relationship before or after we eat tacos?

I strongly believe you should have the tacos first. And please understand, you’re not the only one who’s had this problem, wondering if they should have their delicious tacos before breaking off their two-year relationship.

Tacos are the perfect meal, in fact, because they’re lightweight and their ingredients are brightly colored, so they can easily be found scattered around Continue reading “Should I end a 2 year relationship before or after we eat tacos?”

Easy Viking Teriyaki Meatballs

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Mmmm. Meatballs!

What could be better? I like them little, so you can just pop them in your mouth. I also like to fry them instead of in the oven.

The recipe is simple …

1) Move to a house where they do not have city gas.

2) Periodically have trouble sleeping.

3) Eventually your propane delivery service, during a “bad winter,” probably soon, will charge you four-dollars per gallon. After paying $800-a-month a few times, quit your propane company and install a pellet stove.

4) Bide the time at night, when you can’t sleep, watching television. Soon you’ll own a Nuwave2 Precision Inductive Cooktop, the ultimate nose-flip at those propane people.

5) Purchase pre-cooked frozen little meatballs Continue reading “Easy Viking Teriyaki Meatballs”

This One’s For You (or, Thank You For Feeling Good About Yourself!)

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This article is just to say thank you for subscribing to my newsletter!

dragonYou are part of a small, elite group who’ve chosen to take the plunge and voluntarily read the words of the future. I promise to provide a high quantity of words and put them into a logical order.

Seriously, though. I really do Continue reading “This One’s For You (or, Thank You For Feeling Good About Yourself!)”

An Objection To Objectivity

Are nature and science at odds?

Members of a species usually don’t cannibalize themselves; why don’t sharks eat each other? The question is fundamental.

It’s an example of things that are unchangeable, intrinsic to nature, that almost appear to be decisions, in such a way that they’re not scientific or mathematical but could be seen as unbreakable instincts among creatures, where survival of the species is the natural inclination, or the result of specific engineering, as in the case of millions of ants, but it’s all done by nature without human intervention, and a mostly marvelously complete and satisfying experience.

Nature, our world, our creatures, protect themselves and procreate naturally, and strength is filtered into the future naturally; if this is happening with all life, from ants to humans, shouldn’t it also be happening with the planet itself (and yes, despite us humans and our aerosol spray cans), and the Universe too? Shouldn’t the Universe have this same “personality,” revealed in nature to us as regeneration and promise for the future?

Mark and Ollie in Kayak
The author and his dog in a boat.

The tools nature uses are the important message. While we struggle with math just because the Universe is large, all around us creation uses a different platform, a distinct universal decision-making process based on a purpose, not on math, a process that’s dynamic and self-healing.

These kinds of tools (balance- not digitally-centered) are not generally used in science when the scale of study becomes astronomical or microscopic, but maybe they should be … or, at least, Continue reading “An Objection To Objectivity”

The Problem With Old White People (And Why They Should Go To Foxwoods)

Working at Mohegan Sun Casino you learn a lot about people. I was an usher in a 10,000 seat arena there, and learned about many cultures through their entertainment!

Thus, the following: an exercise in Casino Sociology 101.
We are, in a way, one big happy family.
In other ways we’re very different.

logoAs you watch people during unique events, for example an arena filled with what seems like 99% Vietnamese people, there’s not much of a language barrier as you might think. At the Chinese shows you’d be astonished how fancy the girls fix up their hair. The blacks are unfalteringly polite, despite the seats sometimes being a bit too small. I saw shows from all corners of the world; heard impressive stories and witnessed innovative attempts at rule-breaking.

White people were most surprising. It seems when you put a lot of them into one really big room, they show their colors, you might say!

This night was in January, 2010:

Bowzer’s Doo-Wop Dance Party. A tribute to “doo-wop” tunes of the 50s and 60s, featuring some of the original acts who are still living. I didn’t recognize their names; not any of them.

Bowswers Doo Wop PartyThe show was 3 1/2 hours long.

No show should be this long. It becomes self indulgent after about 2 1/2 hours.

The entertainers were playing “Goodnight Sweetheart” as their “one more song” at the very end. Halfway through this song, the arena was almost empty – it had been a crowded night with 7000 guests. I had never before seen the arena empty itself while the band was still Continue reading “The Problem With Old White People (And Why They Should Go To Foxwoods)”

The Gravity Of Hyperbole; Journalism and Science Collide on the Big Screen!

We can only see to the edge of the observable universe.

What does this sentence mean?

the universeThe “edge” is said to be 15-billion light-years distant.
Smart scientists (and screenwriters and journalists) need to check their use of the English language. A “So and so says” or an “It’s believed” can go a long way!

What does it mean to say we can only see to the “edge” of the observable universe? It’s a sentence in a vacuum! “Edge” sounds purposefully, fantastically unscientific (edgy almost), dramatic, as if there were a visual (observable) “edge” (while I admit “Edge Of The Universe” is an excellent name for a documentary), and the word “observable” nixes the need for the sentence altogether. Even when we understand the intended meaning, it’s a real loss of credibility. Even when not intended, science is riddled with hyperbole and misinformation.


If we’re currently studying to the edge, we’re done!
We’ve seen it all!

That could be true if we took the exaggeration in the opposite direction! Doesn’t feel fair, now, does it! If it was anything but the universe and we could see to the observable edge of it, what else is there to see? Stick the word “universe” in any sentence, and it stops sounding simple and factual! The race’s grandest theories are a harsh playground.

The universe is easy to exaggerate about, but the exaggeration is easy to pick apart. Speculate and hire haughty British voices Continue reading “The Gravity Of Hyperbole; Journalism and Science Collide on the Big Screen!”

Raccoons In The Attic; Cosmos Science and Your Imagination

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NASA recently released a picture of a billion black holes. They really did. It’s a picture of black holes. And there’s “about” a billion of them in the picture. It looks like a picture of stars in the night sky (a brilliant disguise for the black holes), and requires, as the universe does, a little imagination.

I’m tired of reminding everyone black holes exist only in the imagination, so I’ll make this the last time. This report, on the Harvard web server for Chandra press, talks in detail with a few statistics about these supermassive black figments of Einstein’s imagination, but, as usual, as if it’s all fact.

There’s not a lot of guts to the release; it’s more like a long caption to the photo, and the photo (below) isn’t anything you’d hang on the wall.

But the comments are interesting. “Decota” was concerned the black holes might be traveling toward us, to consume Earth. Hopefully not before she makes it to the grocery store to pick up some eggs, I thought. I wanted to call her up and tell her it’s going to be okay. Duane posted a question Continue reading “Raccoons In The Attic; Cosmos Science and Your Imagination”

Say It Out Loud! The Merger of Media is a Good Thing!

The “merger of media” is a good thing. It’s happening all around us, and makes us clench our collective fists every day, while also giving us a new way to talk about why we’re clenching them.

It’s a good thing! For example, an actress, after the Oscars, stripped off her expensive designer dress and dove right into the swimming pool … on Instagram!

Did I say that out loud?

Technology Icon

Well, it did happen, and it was included in the news report about the Oscars! It wouldn’t have happened when I grew up. We didn’t have little hand-sized super computers that we could use to video us taking off our clothes and hopefully getting it on the news. It was impossible back then. You would have had to have someone accidentally find your video tape, then, clearly violating your intentions, nefariously distribute it, themselves, by hand (sort of), over the newly-developing Internet, as some stars like Paris Hilton Continue reading “Say It Out Loud! The Merger of Media is a Good Thing!”

Foreword to Nowhere, Derived From “Nothing” by Mark Urso

This is, from this point forward, all assuming you have read and agreed to the Writ of Compliance. If not, please stop reading now.

Boo Boo says “Shhh!”

In my quest, friends, a thing I know we all have deep down inside (quest, that is), to know everything about everything, I have finally completed this work on my findings, entitled in a way, as I am sure you have caught on to by now, to throw people off our trail. While I had thought I would, upon finally distilling “Everything,” want to share the information, that has not turned out to be the case.

The Universe is very big.

There are things I found out that no-one should ever know. They are contained within. (ad goes here)

Please also enjoy the accompanying music CD (coming soon), which is called “Globe of Time” and aims to tease, mesmerize and tantalize you in a whole ‘nother way.
But for now, I’m afraid you’re already in too deep to back out.


You’re coming.

Shall we start the adventure … in Portland?

(… above is from the forthcoming book “Nothing,” by Mark Urso)

Proceed to nowhere …

About Nothing

pic of markMark Urso is a journalist, audio recording specialist and musician from Westerly, Rhode Island, who studied at Portsmouth Abbey School and Boston College while perfecting the art of Frisbee tossing on the beaches.

For 22 years he operated radio stations, writing and presenting local news on-air, and scouting talent as an FM Program Director. He has won awards in Sales for his B2B work in Internet services, and continues to teach others the virtues of “anti-selling,” explaining he understood it all when he stopped trying to sell.

a picture of blueberries
Blueberries. “Blueberry Photograph” would be a good name for a band.

Mark lives on the river with his daughter Sara and a variety of domesticated creatures, among them a Jack Russel named Ollie, aka “El Capitan,” who enjoys kayaking and world domination, and a Pit Bull named Ziggy, who has dedicated his life to catching Frisbees and teaching humans unconditional love.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from BC. He learned to write through trial and trial again courtesy of monks at the Abbey, and during his career as a journalist.

picture of bookMark’s latest book, “A Candle Lit, Deconstructing Alcoholism” (ASIN:B012EORK3O) consolidates his experiences and writing skills to break new ground in mental health study. The book is a long-overdue combination of insight and stubbornness, intended to reveal weaknesses in the alcoholism cycle, to benefit both sufferers and caregivers.

Mark’s newswriting career spanned 22 years with several New England radio stations. He has published reviews for SoundWaves magazine for Dave Van Ronk and Keb ‘Mo, and produced a DVD “PA Systems for Small Groups” (ASIN: B003H1AI74), intended to help avoid all-too-common problems with the audio at podium events.

mark in kayak with dog
Things that need to be done!

His radio career was followed by a decade of field recording for regional self-help conventions, during which he compiled an impressive archive of fine-quality audio. Almost fifteen years later now, he’s transcribing the audio to present it as paperback books, in a series, each package to represent an entire event, and then made into Audible audiobooks. This exciting new package of AA and Alanon recordings and related books/audiobooks will all be available over the coming months.

Mark’s first book, “Save Me From The Flood: A Personal Chronicle of Flooding in Rhode Island and Connecticut in March and April 2010” is also available on Amazon (ASIN: B0054EXD2Y).

Also see “Also by

the author and daughter
Me and mini-me in North Carolina!

Day One, The Beginning of Nothing


This Blog Isn’t About Anything
Please Don’t Read It!


Welcome to my world!
You have stumbled across my blog!

My world is about books, writing, publishing … and music. I’m an author (“A  Candle Lit,” “Podium Perfection,” “Save Me From The Flood,” “Share The Moon, Episode One, Aina’s Dreams“) and musician (“Share The Moon“). I have performed locally and even gotten paid to do it, a dollar at a time!

mark playing dove guitarI write novels about pretty girls who crave getting into trouble, dragons who conveniently stir things up, talking cats and heros bedeviled by mice.
The “Share The Moon” series is underway, with novel one complete, subtitled “Aina’s Dreams.” My flagship is “A Candle Lit,” a non-fiction book that takes a hard look at addiction, fear-based behavior and bi-polar with a distinctly easy-to-understand style.

I write songs and weave the topics together; “Share The Moon” is also a CD, my first studio recording, with 11 original songs and dragon/girl themes.

I’ll delve into the world of making money as an author and musician. I’m a former Adult Rock FM Radio Program Director, and know the hills and valleys, and gateways, through the maze that is artist development and promotion. I’ll tell you all about not only my career recording convention speakers and creating a sellable CD library, but also my many failings and the hard lessons I learned as a retailer. It’s not easy.

Boo Boo says “Hola!”

Thanks for dropping by!
I hope you find what you were looking for!
Please join the community and subscribe for updates, each time I post a new book chapter, song lyric, or how-to navigate article. They will all be great!

Feel free to contact me!
Let me know what’s on your mind!

Mark Urso

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