Uh, um, uh … C’Mon Man! Jen Psaki Pspeaks

Um … Let’s Circle Back to Jen Psaki

This is the new White House Press Secretary.

She probably got the job because she’s a woman who isn’t afraid to look like a fool and who’s willing to do whatever it takes. The silent letter at the beginning of her name is a bragging point, in the world of Biden hiring trends. One thing for sure is she’s, um, qualified.

If you’re having breakfast with me this morning, um, uh … just watch! Continue reading “Uh, um, uh … C’Mon Man! Jen Psaki Pspeaks”

Call Out To Trump Haters

I think the media has changed reality!

Not for me, because I carefully sidestep the poison, hate-filled faux journalism being distributed by major news media. If you go a tiny bit further, you’ll find reality hiding in the wings. Sometimes it’s in the form of something so absolutely unbelievable you might discredit it. Sometimes you don’t have time, and you trust the fact-checkers. But please admit, we don’t have any reason to trust fact-checkers. Let me be your fact-checker, if you don’t have time.

A friend of mine in sales used to say “Trust me until I give you a reason not to.” In the sales environment, it was cute, a little funny, and sometimes effective. But in the big world of reality it’s a little overconfident. Unless, of course, the other person gives you a reason Continue reading “Call Out To Trump Haters”

The Free World Supports Donald Trump, While The City That Never Sleeps … Sleeps!

Welcome to 2021 my friends!

You are not alone.

These posts speak for themselves!

As Americans watch a domestic Congressional election and anticipate someone being chosen as US President, the world is also on the edge, and crowds have been gathering to show support for Donald Trump. In many countries he’s considered a savior from an otherwise-inevitable fall to socialism and communism.

Thanks to Nicholas Clamorgan (@Nick_Clamorgan) for his post “The Free World supports @realDonaldTrump!” which is what led us Continue reading “The Free World Supports Donald Trump, While The City That Never Sleeps … Sleeps!”

List of 24 Weird Things (or, What Did You Do on Your Saturday Night?)

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List of 24 Weird Things

These things are weird. They’re all related to historic preparedness, mostly via Obama and Missus Clinton, to change the world, along with a big swell of “the desire to appear good.” The liberal tide of spreading hate began taking a visible form many years-ago, though the visible parts were difficult, if not impossible, to connect to any nefarious purpose, and were always cloaked as “doing good.” These things are all generally Continue reading “List of 24 Weird Things (or, What Did You Do on Your Saturday Night?)”

Social Media Addiction is Real!

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How do top students overcome social media addiction?
Mark Urso, Author of “A Candle Lit” (from Quora) …

They can take classes in programming social media applications!

Then they could become dealers, abandoning their morals and pushing social media applications on others, especially good-looking girls, to try to get them hooked, and turn them into pushers as well. If they can’t afford the classes, they should look into stealing money from strangers. Once they’re social media lord kingpins, they should learn Spanish, and go to some of the seedier parts of Mexico to pick up new social media applications and bring them across the border illegally. This can be extremely profitable. Continue reading “Social Media Addiction is Real!”

Why is AA So Ineffective?

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A Quora answer by Mark Urso, Author of “A Candle Lit”:

The problem with AA is something that happens very early, when a person, a “sufferer,” is first introduced to the idea, sees a pamphlet or checks out his first meeting … the system can easily lose its credibility and feel either like it’s extreme, or members are jumping to conclusions …

People are simply scared away before they join.

In my book, “A Candle Lit,” I call them “leavers-before-they-enter.”

The three biggest problems are …

Ambiguous Permanence: It’s never been proven alcoholism is permanent, but members commonly insist it is. This is a credibility hit if the new person thinks about it … To make matters confusing, the words “alcoholic” Continue reading “Why is AA So Ineffective?”