Why is AA So Ineffective?

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A Quora answer by Mark Urso, Author of “A Candle Lit”:

The problem with AA is something that happens very early, when a person, a “sufferer,” is first introduced to the idea, sees a pamphlet or checks out his first meeting … the system can easily lose its credibility and feel either like it’s extreme, or members are jumping to conclusions …

People are simply scared away before they join.

In my book, “A Candle Lit,” I call them “leavers-before-they-enter.”

The three biggest problems are …

Ambiguous Permanence: It’s never been proven alcoholism is permanent, but members commonly insist it is. This is a credibility hit if the new person thinks about it … To make matters confusing, the words “alcoholic” Continue reading “Why is AA So Ineffective?”

Simple Stretching For Everyone

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My stretching routine is based on balance. I’m an expert skier, spent a lot of time around yoga, and trained in karate for 6 years.

I developed my simple ritual Continue reading “Simple Stretching For Everyone”

The Art Of Caregiving (Honestly!)

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Caregiving is a fine line. If a caregiver loses his credibility people can get hurt.

A person should be able to ask basic questions about drugs and alcohol without intending to be committed to an asylum, which is often the feeling that results from simply an evangelistic attitude about recovery. Suddenly you have an inheritable disease and if you don’t believe it’s for the rest of your life, you’re kidding yourself. What other mental illnesses are so … diagnosed without a license?

It’s easy to understand potential addicts and alcoholics running for the hills from the very thing that could save them, a meeting. Continue reading “The Art Of Caregiving (Honestly!)”

The Orbs of Balance (or, Be a Better Biped!)

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Ask the dog … Standing up isn’t as easy as it looks!


I like to talk about balance, in the Universe … and within our hearts and minds. Balance is a pendulum that can determine health.

Inside our bodies we have physical balance, allowing us to get around. Some do it better than others. How important is understanding your body’s geometric and gravitational muscular interactions, and your mind’s invisible mastery of balance? Continue reading “The Orbs of Balance (or, Be a Better Biped!)”

Life, Death, Time And Freedom (or, All The Things They Touch) (A Meditation)

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“It is appointed upon man ONCE to die …” (Hebrews 9:27)

Did you ever help someone? Ever feel like you had “pull” with another person, the ability to influence them? Ever find it irresistable to show your opinion, popular or not? Ever get mad at someone for their own good? Well if so, congratualations, you are officially a human!

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Did you ever tell someone you love them? Someday, hoping it will be remembered; maybe somehow your words might make someone else’s life better?

Did you ever wonder if anyone cares about you? Continue reading “Life, Death, Time And Freedom (or, All The Things They Touch) (A Meditation)”

Gala Apples

These apples have traveled a long way from their trees to my countertop to your eyeballs. Enjoy them for their obvious good looks, great taste and usefulness keeping doctors away!


Measuring How Much We Care; The Legend of King Earl

Bigness diminishes accuracy and need for accuracy.
Details get lost in space.

PyramidsOur human concept of accuracy fades with size; in such a way that if someone told you cars were invented in the 1700’s, you’d tell them they were way off, by a hundred years … if they said the pyramids were built in 3000 BC, you could suggest they’re off by about 400 years, but it’s not too important; and if they said the Big Bang was 15 billion-years-ago, the adjustment might be oh, give or take, although it’s even less important, a billion.

Despite the uncertainty the third item actually happened, which is a pitfall of happening such a long time ago, even a strong supporter of its theory might not be terribly upset if everyone were off by a just, say, a few hundred thousand years; we’d still be “very close!” But when cars were invented? Don’t be an idiot!

paintbrushCorrelating to accuracy, need (for accuracy) also fades with large time spans. It’s like zooming in on your computer working on a piece of art, Continue reading “Measuring How Much We Care; The Legend of King Earl”

Motorcycles Quantized – Our Universe in Balance and Motion

How does balance relate to speed?

Does it at all?

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Loaned to us for this mission

If so, do we measure this relationship and ask questions about it, the same way we do about the relationship between time, in astronomical terms, and space, in mathematical ones?

Do we care about it?

Let’s put balance on the scientific chopping block!

If we’re looking for concepts that are clearly important but for which we have truly unsatisfying answers, balance is perfect.

But does it belong in the quantifiable study of everything? Is it … anything? Can we get a grip on it?

skier - david emmetImagine someone moving very slowly on a pair of skis or a motorcycle – they’d tell you there’s definitely a relationship between motion (in time) and balance; that balance becomes easier or more difficult with movement, and things that are simply impossible going slowly are relatively easy at even just a slightly faster speed. Interestingly, for both skier and motorcyclist, success at balance is not related at all to if you’re Continue reading “Motorcycles Quantized – Our Universe in Balance and Motion”