Love Yourself (Sheeran) – Mark Urso

So, I saw a great band, and they did this song, so I went home and figured it out. The only problem is, I’m not as great as they are!

Love Yourself

But I’m trying! Playing with a Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer pedal, with no amp. The electric guitar is plugged into the pedal, which goes into my recording DAW. The pedal arrangement on the VE-8 is quite excellent. In all my time playing with audio equipment, I’ve never Continue reading “Love Yourself (Sheeran) – Mark Urso”

Anymore – Mark Urso (Music Video)

A beautiful song by Travis Tritt covered by yours truly! Country music fans take notice! That means you, dad!

Anymore was released in September 1991 as the second single from Tritt’s album It’s All About to Change. It peaked at number 1 in both the United States and Canada, becoming his second number-one hit in the United States, and his fourth number-one in Canada. Continue reading “Anymore – Mark Urso (Music Video)”

He’s Gone (Audio) – Mark Urso w Band

Grateful Dead Cover Time

Practice session 6/27/21,
Mark Urso with Brandon Raimondo on guitar, and Brandon Lanphear doing percussion, performing “He’s Gone” at River Song Music.

Just Press Play!

We’re getting ready for a gig in downtown Norwich this Friday, July 2nd. Brandon L. will be playing percussion with me while Brandon R. does some amazing glass-blowing art right on the side of the street!

Here’s Brandon last time at the Continue reading “He’s Gone (Audio) – Mark Urso w Band”

The King of News Speaks the Truth, Posting 2017 Inauguration Violence Footage

BLM and Antifa Violence in the Streets

This should kick some memories in.

While you’re watching, be careful if you’re leaning to the left.

This’ll make you fall over.

The whole “King of News” post from YouTube, including “read more” details and video footage, is below. It highlights the energy in 2017, which was freely allowed. Many who were arrested during this event and over the past four years, were protected and released by police. The treatment of the entire group of leftists, violent protesters, antifa and BLM scum has been the polar opposite of the treatment of conservative voters and protesters.

Today’s inauguration prep in Washington DC looks like a dictatorship. All we’d need is unfair treatment of the opposition and secretive behavior by the media.

Welcome to YouTube Mister King, and we wish you a long and fruitful Continue reading “The King of News Speaks the Truth, Posting 2017 Inauguration Violence Footage”

Blackmail, Bring It All Back, Bring Me Your Cup (Music Videos)

The Bring It All Back Session

This was basically a practice session. Three songs I’m working on: Robert Palmer’s “Blackmail,” from Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley (debut, 1974), S Club’sBring it All Back (Debut, 1999) and UB40’s “Bring Me Your Cup” from 1993’s standout “Promises and Lies.

I was twelve when the Robert Palmer album came out! I was always an early adopter of cool stuff! The song “Blackmail” was written by Palmer and Lowell George; George would become one of my musical heroes! It was down and dirty disco rock, unabashed, surrounded by girls in short dresses – Continue reading “Blackmail, Bring It All Back, Bring Me Your Cup (Music Videos)”

Omaha (Duritz), Mark Urso

song banner hip hop

A music video from the recent past!

I’m testing hosting this video on WordPress. The other options include YouTube, which I currently use, Vimeo, which is a strangely-set up thing and self-hosting on my Netsol space, which I will try next. This week web hosting became a partisan issue. Who would have thought?

Omaha, from August and Everything After, Mark Urso, Epiphone guitar.

Written by Adam Duritz Continue reading “Omaha (Duritz), Mark Urso”