Idiot Wind, Mark Urso

There’s mean, then there’s mean. I mean professional mean. The kind of mean that can win you a Nobel Prize.

Bob Dylan knows how to do it. This bit of sharply venomous prose is from his professional pen. It was an oddball on his 1975 album “Blood on the Tracks,” because the rest of the album was just plain old fun. On this tune, Bob got a little out of hand. I toned it down Continue reading “Idiot Wind, Mark Urso”

Joan Armatrading, Let it Last, Song Chords

Let it Last                               Joan Armatrading                    To The Limit

I got used to feelin’ lonely                                                     E
My spirit always down                                                            A
The grass was gettin’ greener                                           A     E
And my winter was comin’ ’round                                    A     E Continue reading “Joan Armatrading, Let it Last, Song Chords”

Simple Guitar Tabs – Six Days on the Road

Six Days on the Road Dave Dudley

Six Days on the Road             Earl Green and Carl Montgomery

(D7)                                        G                                        D7                                        G
Well I pulled outa Pittsburgh a rollin’ down that Eastern Seaboard Continue reading “Simple Guitar Tabs – Six Days on the Road”

Radio Appearances: Local Music Buzz on 96.7 The Buzz With Chris DiPaola (2016) and 2018 With Denise Acker Taylor

This is cool!

It’s me on the radio (below) a year ago, talking about my CD and novel combo, “Share The Moon!” Chris DiPaola and I talked for an hour and he played a bunch of songs! What fun!

I also wanted to say I’ll be on the radio Saturday night (Jan. 6) (tonight if you’re reading this with your morning coffee)!

I’ll be on for an hour Saturday on “Alternative Nation” with Denise Acker Taylor on 96.7 FM The Buzz, starting at nine.  Please tune in! We’ll talk about the Garageband era, regional musicians and writing … and I might even play a song!

You can listen on the air or via the Buzz app (HERE), or stream right out of any browser on THE BUZZ’S site.

Here’s that recorded show with Chris: