Greg Piccolo Dance Party 4K

Recorded March 4, 2020
Knickerbocker Music Center, Westerly, RI
Produced by Mark Urso for River Song Music Continue reading “Greg Piccolo Dance Party 4K”

Pony – Sugar!

Pony!🐎 by Sugar! 🔥
Recorded 2-22-2020
at Phoenix Dining and Entertainment
by Mark Urso’s River Song Music

This was tricky to synchronize, partly because it’s a mix of 1080 and 4K, but now that I’ve got it, and the audio and video are syncing correctly, I’m lovin’ watching drummer Ric Haddad! Hope you’re well, Ric! It’s always a bonus if you can see the drummer! Sugar usually has Continue reading “Pony – Sugar!”

Rollin’ (Newman) – Mark Urso

Rollin ‘                                       Newman                    Capo 2

I never drink in the afternoon                            D A7 D
I never drink alone                                                   D E A7
But I sure do like a drink or two                        D – F# Bm
When I get home!                                                     E A7 D Continue reading “Rollin’ (Newman) – Mark Urso”