Heart Shaped Box, Steven Bossie

New Music Video!

A classic Nirvana song, Heart Shaped Box, by Steven Bossie from Living Weary, with LW drummer Brandon Lanphear at River Song! Continue reading “Heart Shaped Box, Steven Bossie”

The Truth is Sizzling on Twitter

This won’t take long. My friend Sean has the President on his talk show in a half-hour (Hannity), and I want to check that out, and my drummer’s coming by for a late night session of music! But I wanted to sum up the day, the beginning of a promising week.

It was 65-degrees in Rhode Island, the first sunny day that begged me to go outside and stay there!

I bought tickets to see my favorite band.

I know, you’re shaking your head in disbelief! But I did!

Sugar, in a month!

And the truth is coming to a sizzle in our new world. It was inevitable, and it’s the way it should be. Ashli Babbitt rest in peace! Your death will never be answered, and America will always feel that pain. But through Continue reading “The Truth is Sizzling on Twitter”

Will History Give Credit to Biden for Trump’s Rollout of the Vaccine and Operation Warp Speed?

A Cure For Covid-19

Will history give credit to Biden for Trump’s rollout of the vaccine and operation warp speed?

The question came up on Quora, a lively marketplace of human ideas.

My Answer:

Does it matter? Don’t the liberals want history erased?

There’s a crisis at the border and all the left can do is repeat bullshit.

WATCH: Alex Jones Physically Stops Vehicle After Witnessing Migrant Children Being Stuffed in the Luggage Compartment

History, if anyone cares about it, will do whatever the government tells the media to write. America no longer has a media it can trust.

For anyone who might care … as do-gooders pretend to … I can blow this whole story out of the water by simply reading simple facts.

There are several vaccines for COVID now. In order for them to be approved for COVID, each vaccine requires an FDA Emergency Use Authorization. This is a fast way for the FDA to approve the drug as safe and effective, when they don’t have time to do full testing, which takes years.

If we stop here, and ask the open minded among us, how’s that sound? Do you trust the FDA and it’s fast track “EUA” program, which can speed things up under emergency conditions? I think it’s fine; never had any problem with EUAs. They’re not a new thing.

What people don’t seem to acknowledge is that this is not the first time COVID was targeted as an EMERGENCY by the FDA. This is not the first time a CURE has been found, Continue reading “Will History Give Credit to Biden for Trump’s Rollout of the Vaccine and Operation Warp Speed?”

Joe Biden is a Global Embarrassment

Fake US President Joe Biden is a Global Embarrassment

Joe Biden came to the Senate 120 years-ago.

That’s the truth. He has some kind of secret to aging, I guess. It may be related to the research they do on fetal tissue with aborted babies. It may be related to his love of sniffing things.

I’m not a doctor, so I can’t say!

Alan Jones, from skynews.com.au, had this to say: Continue reading “Joe Biden is a Global Embarrassment”

Joe Biden Talks Sports … Not Really

Biden on ESPN

Joe Biden shared his viewpoints on controversy in sports, especially women’s sports, during a recent interview.

He made it clear he doesn’t care.

Well, he did mention his German Shepherd, and insisted voting should be easier than getting a fishing license, and COVID is friggin’ scary … but nothing about sports … during his exclusive interview with ESPN.

About sports.

“I thought I was a pretty good athlete in high school … the real athletes in our family are women. I have a granddaughter who’s all state in two sports … a niece who is an all American, and really some talented women in my family.”

So there’s that. He wouldn’t dare compete with that kind of sports skill. I don’t expect CNBC or Chinese checkers to call him on making such a traditional, meaningful, Christian and scientifically-correct distinction, you know … between women and men … in sports.

But no worries, he did NOT talk about women with penises, or mention anything about penises.

No, the magical moment in this interview came Continue reading “Joe Biden Talks Sports … Not Really”

The Greatest President in US History Launches Two Major Websites

Donald Trump,
The Greatest President in US History

The website Disrn announces today “Donald and Melania Trump launch the official website of the 45th President of the United States. The site, 45office.com, is intended to allow supporters to keep in touch with the former first couple, request participation in public events, and gather general information on Trump’s presidency.”

Disrn says “Though the current features on the website are somewhat limited, it is possible that the site may offer a central hub for Trump to communicate and issue statements and commentaries on current events following his ban from social media.”

Meanwhile, Trump is also setting up his own social media site, to directly compete with Facebook and Twitter, both of which have censorship based foundations. Huffpost joined the Boston Globe Continue reading “The Greatest President in US History Launches Two Major Websites”

Stories Banned From Twitter Hot List

Stories Banned by Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Biden

I don’t endorse or dismiss these stories. I may not have read all of them. I will list them here, though, because it is unamerican for Twitter to censor them. It actually only makes people want to read them more.

And it’s not just that the stories are censored; by being hidden the perpetrators can, if they choose, pick and choose what Americans are able to see. That’s communism and I won’t play.

I’ll attempt to draw attention to this dynamic and ALL censored stories I run across. Feel free to add links in the comments on this page, and I will periodically share this page on Twitter. Until they censor me.

Whatever they ban, becomes of interest. Continue reading “Stories Banned From Twitter Hot List”