Kill Shot Bravo – Getting Killed Never Felt So Good – How and Why to Sniper Duel

Games are Fun!

Kill Shot BravoKill Shot Bravo is one of the great games that turns your smartphone into an amazing handheld game console. Periodically I’ll blog about KSB; if you have never ventured into the games you can play on your phone, I encourage you to check some out. This one is very graphic and would be best if you love guns and shooting, the armed forces and extremely high quality graphics.

I Keep Getting Killed!

You’re doing just fine!

Sniper Duel is one of the most challenging events in Kill Shot Bravo (KSB). Just now I hit my opponent four times in succession using a semi-automatic HH Founder’s Rifle, to get the win. The trick to getting anywhere Continue reading “Kill Shot Bravo – Getting Killed Never Felt So Good – How and Why to Sniper Duel”

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