College Kids Need A Hobby (Or, Boy, Does America Like Its Guns!)

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(Fairfax, VA) The US Census Bureau announced impressionable young people are available in greater numbers than usual. Many failed to show up for a recent march on the headquarters of the National Rifle Association (NRA) in Fairfax Saturday afternoon.

These young people, who probably learned in school that they should get involved in important causes, apparently didn’t get their invitations, or weren’t certain what they were supposed to do at the NRA rally. Regardless, there’s more of them available, looking for a cause, so if you have old people that need meals delivered to them, work done around their houses or yard work, those are just some ideas. These kids are able-bodied and ready to go. They need a cause!

Some of them will do whatever you tell them to. In case you need a window broken, for example, some of them are good at that!

When I was younger, it was easier to find a cause. The shooters would set up in a tower right in the middle of a college campus. Continue reading “College Kids Need A Hobby (Or, Boy, Does America Like Its Guns!)”

Good New Article

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I’ve learned something about troubled young people. I spend more time these days on Quora, where I have an established audience for my mental health preachings. Before I speak in layman’s-statistics-style, I’ll be general.

Quora is a place anyone can ask a question, and anyone, showing their credentials, can answer. I spend time in the mental health section trying to help people. I’m 56, well experienced and self published, and I find it gratifying thinking I might help someone.

Quora, though, isn’t a cross section of young people, even though there are a lot of Continue reading “Good New Article”

Facebook’s Slow Death, and “YouEntertainment!”

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My friend got a call the other day. The guy said “Hi, I’m from Facebook, the advertising department.”
My friend was watching TV, but was intrigued, he said, so he muted the TV.

“Listen,” the Facebook guy said, “there’s a guy in Fredericton Maryland, named Jimmy Johnson … Jimmy needs you to look at his thing.”

“What?” my friend said … Continue reading “Facebook’s Slow Death, and “YouEntertainment!””

Cigarettes, Bipolar and Hunger Theory

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Cigarettes are clearly a hunger-related addiction, just like chocolate, coffee, sugar and salt. While this may sound, in the true style of addiction, like not a very big deal, messing with your “hunger system” is a big reason cigarettes earn the top of addiction’s totem pole.

The mind-bend doesn’t stop there, by far. The 4000 additives in cigarettes include Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Arsenic and Formaldehyde, and studies have shown smoking doubles your risk of depression. Continue reading “Cigarettes, Bipolar and Hunger Theory”

Children Separated From Their Parents

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I don’t want to write an article about children being separated from their parents. I’ll just get in the middle of a nasty controversy.

And things not always being what they appear, this actually is an article about national pride!

I’ve got it all planned out, First, I want to set things up with this recent phone conversation I had with a friend in Florida:

My Friend: I used to teach preschool, but now I can’t because I don’t speak Spanish!

Me: How long did you teach preschool for?

My Friend: A lot! Continue reading “Children Separated From Their Parents”

SNL’s Ohlman Dedicates Show to Matt “Guitar” Murphy, “The Gone of You,” Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez

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(Westerly, RI) Christine Ohlman, longtime lead vocalist for the Saturday Night Live Band, dedicated last evening’s show at the Knickerbocker Cafe to Matt “Guitar” Murphy, a fellow SNL alum who played with Belushi’s “Blues Brothers,” who died this week of cancer.

Video from the show follows … Continue reading “SNL’s Ohlman Dedicates Show to Matt “Guitar” Murphy, “The Gone of You,” Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez”

Nothing Great: The Dropbox Story

The economic forecast for the computer cloud industry calls for rain. Except over the Dropbox application, where it will continue to be sunny and pleasant!

dropbox logoToday’s blog is about Dropbox, a retail application that shines in a very cloudy space in the world of the Internet.

Many people probably don’t know why Dropbox is the winning application to solve hard drive and syncing needs for more users than … (I don’t actually know this, but you can look it up if you want; this is a “do your own research” piece).

If you’re a techie, you know. If you’re a stock analyst, maybe not. That’s like a doctor not knowing why his patient is so healthy!

It’s simple. But you have to do one thing that the Dropbox people don’t require you to do, and which many people don’t do … to experience the invisibly near-perfect app Dropbox really is. Continue reading “Nothing Great: The Dropbox Story”

Not Too Big of a Manatee

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Dear Mister Blog Person,

It’s come to my attention there’s been a notable lack of activity on this blog the past few weeks.

Although we’ve had our differences in the past, I, for one, would like to congratulate you on showing respect and restraint to us manatees by not recently directing harsh accusations and unfairnesses toward us, as you have Continue reading “Not Too Big of a Manatee”