Madman Across The Water, Influencer #7

Elton John - Madman Across the Water

“Hello Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Some things they really just never get old
It’s the laughter I feel coming from my mind
Old memories these days aren’t hard to find!”

– Mark Urso

That’s a quote from my record. I put it here just in case, you know just in case Elton, just like I memorized his … might want to memorize mine! Continue reading “Madman Across The Water, Influencer #7”

Top Ten Influencers, #10: Dave Bromberg Band, How Late’ll Ya Play Til.”

david bromberg band

How Late’ll Ya Play Til.”

I don’t really remember, but I was probably playing the Rolling Stones that night at Portsmouth Abbey, late, and I had my headphones on, and Housemaster Father Anselm stormed in at 3AM because I had left the button pressed Continue reading “Top Ten Influencers, #10: Dave Bromberg Band, How Late’ll Ya Play Til.””

Nothing Great: The Dropbox Story

The economic forecast for the computer cloud industry calls for rain. Except over the Dropbox application, where it will continue to be sunny and pleasant!

dropbox logoToday’s blog is about Dropbox, a retail application that shines in a very cloudy space in the world of the Internet.

Many people probably don’t know why Dropbox is the winning application to solve hard drive and syncing needs for more users than … (I don’t actually know this, but you can look it up if you want; this is a “do your own research” piece).

If you’re a techie, you know. If you’re a stock analyst, maybe not. That’s like a doctor not knowing why his patient is so healthy!

It’s simple. But you have to do one thing that the Dropbox people don’t require you to do, and which many people don’t do … to experience the invisibly near-perfect app Dropbox really is. Continue reading “Nothing Great: The Dropbox Story”

Save My Soul! (Inside The Mind of an Alcoholic)

just words

You awake? Got a story.

While my hobbies these days generally don’t include soul-saving, mostly because no-one wants me to save them and I stopped looking for candidates, which is a good thing, I still yearn to spin some salvation.

I know people. I know things. I know stories.

I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain. Continue reading “Save My Soul! (Inside The Mind of an Alcoholic)”