Feel it Still (Song Workout Studio/Drums)

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You’re a fly on the wall! The “Pimples and All” Sessions continue!

Feel it Still (Song Workout Session in Studio with Drums)

The instruments enter one at a time … which makes it easy to follow along and “see” who’s playing … what each guitar sounds like … then it takes Brandon about one minute to figure the song out – he’ll start ripping on that Danelectro Continue reading “Feel it Still (Song Workout Studio/Drums)”

A Personal Letter from David Attenborough

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Dear Good Personal Friend,

As you know, it’s getting cold in the Northeast USA. Squirrels are stocking up for a nutty Christmas, the common housecat waking to a frosty rooftop, and humans busy roasting toasty chestnuts, sending plumes of white smoke out the chimneys of their winter homes … putting bicycles away for the season.

urus theodorus
artist’s depiction

During the harsh winter the rare Italian Bear (Ursus Theodorus) does something remarkable. His unique contribution to society is … He sings!

Similar to the animatronic Country Bear made famous by Walt Disney, Theodorus, like all bears, does hibernate in the cold part of the year, but unlike others, he has trouble sleeping, so spends winter creating, whittling away in his cozy den for months on end … taking only a periodic nap now and then. Continue reading “A Personal Letter from David Attenborough”

Chapter Thirty-Three: Aina’s Dreams

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The following is a sample from my first novel, “Share The Moon, Episode 1, Aina’s Dreams,” available directly from me through Amazon or in my own store! The previous chapter is here. Enjoy!

Chapter Thirty-Three: Aina’s Dreams

“I’m just going to grab some leftovers; don’t worry about meeee!” the smiling girl must have sung, but Fuzz could only hear it, head stuck in bowl and all, a little in the background. He need not respond, either, he thought, due to the uncertainty about who she was talking to, pretty sure he had achieved invisibility by then. Continue reading “Chapter Thirty-Three: Aina’s Dreams”

A Very Happy Dog! (A Ziggy Video)

Let’s go back in time … to when it was cold and snowy; I was happily married, we lived in a different town, it was cold and snowy, Boo Boo ruled the ranch, it was cold and snowy, but I owned a very nice snow blowing machine, and we shared the moon with Ziggy the Pit Bull!

Life Is Alive in a Globe of Time (Opening for Billy Gilman 2016)

Billy Gilman had a big competition coming up on “The Voice” in October and wanted to do a show for the local audience (Southern RI) before he left. I was invited to open to a full house and did a variety of originals and a few covers.


00.00 – Globe Of Time
05.07 – One Meatball
08.47 – The Rabbit’s Other Foot
09.55 – Bend And Break

— break —

15.11 – Break And Bend
18.52 – Share The Moon
21.33 – Madman Across The Water
25.53 – Price Tag

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Beyonce in traditional Earth garb.

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