The Orbs of Balance (or, Be a Better Biped!)

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Ask the dog … Standing up isn’t as easy as it looks!


I like to talk about balance, in the Universe … and within our hearts and minds. Balance is a pendulum that can determine health.

Inside our bodies we have physical balance, allowing us to get around. Some do it better than others. How important is understanding your body’s geometric and gravitational muscular interactions, and your mind’s invisible mastery of balance? Continue reading “The Orbs of Balance (or, Be a Better Biped!)”

Radio Appearances: Local Music Buzz on 96.7 The Buzz With Chris DiPaola (2016) and 2018 With Denise Acker Taylor

This is cool!

It’s me on the radio (below) a year ago, talking about my CD and novel combo, “Share The Moon!” Chris DiPaola and I talked for an hour and he played a bunch of songs! What fun!

I also wanted to say I’ll be on the radio Saturday night (Jan. 6) (tonight if you’re reading this with your morning coffee)!

I’ll be on for an hour Saturday on “Alternative Nation” with Denise Acker Taylor on 96.7 FM The Buzz, starting at nine.  Please tune in! We’ll talk about the Garageband era, regional musicians and writing … and I might even play a song!

You can listen on the air or via the Buzz app (HERE), or stream right out of any browser on THE BUZZ’S site.

Here’s that recorded show with Chris:

Say a Little Prayer (Live Concert)

Time to thank a few folks.

I recently saw Marcy Kelly and Rickie Louise Miller at the Knickerbocker, a club in my hometown; a wonderful show! The band’s “Sugar,” usually fronted by Marcy and Natalia Rosso. It’s mostly indescribable …

Marcy sets the bar for professional singing; the best I’ve seen in a regional touring act, and on Thanksgiving Eve I was ten feet from the stage dancing, and at one point looked up and pretty much gave up any prayer to be a great singer!

Continue reading “Say a Little Prayer (Live Concert)”

Xarelto Versus Bruno Mars

just words

I’m an audio guy. I’ve always been involved in audio, from my radio days to the present; I eventually couldn’t think of anything better to become than a musician!

I’ve always thought fondly of audio. I watch video and listen for the audio. I whisper to my cat. The two of us listen to the birds, crickets and wind.

I have audio cables hanging out of boxes in my house like wysteria. Continue reading “Xarelto Versus Bruno Mars”

Time and Distance; Nature Cat And a Real Live Mouse (A Tiny Documentary)

cat and mouse

In “Everything Theory” we sometimes talk in complicated ways about simple things. Everything Theory is about Nature, though, and as a philosopher, I like to think Nature is not too complicated for us mortal non-scientists to understand. It’s a simple philosophy: Nature wouldn’t work if animals didn’t know what they were supposed to do!

I’m guilty of complicating it, while trying to unravel nature’s messages, in recent posts about “Everything,” one of my most loved topics.

Then I got a cat. Things got simple again!

TitanicFor example, I used the Titanic to illustrate how time and distance are bound together, like one thing, and there’s nothing we can do about it, even when it’s life or death.

The Titanic is a terrific example, and it’s freezing at the end of the story made for a strong analogy to the inescapable character of time. “If we could manipulate time and distance,” I eloquently wrote, “we would have, and all these statistics would be different.” My treatment of the topic – time and distance – I thought, was a little elaborate, but thorough.

Then I saw what the cat did. Continue reading “Time and Distance; Nature Cat And a Real Live Mouse (A Tiny Documentary)”

How 2 Bloody Write Good (or, Funny Is The New Serious!)

words and free movies

These days it’s hard to make it all work on a writer’s salary. But studying the great authors, it’s clear needing a day job is nothing new. For example, some of history’s greatest wordsmiths worked as lumberjacks, as evidenced by the following old manuscript:

“I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay
I sleep all night and I work all day!”

– Monty Python

My friend Bill, an important businessman, though not actually a lumberjack, told me I should be funny more. Not that I wasn’t already funny, but that I should take it more seriously! Continue reading “How 2 Bloody Write Good (or, Funny Is The New Serious!)”

From Invisible to OnStage (“I’m Invisible!” Music Video!)

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How do you spell … Mademoiselle?

There are lots of ways to be invisible!

My cat, Penelope (wherever she is …), is invisible whenever I can’t see her! And she’s well aware of it! I’ve learned in business you can be invisible even when you try to call attention to yourself! Being invisible sometimes has nothing at all to do with the invisible one!

This is a new song, “I’m Invisible.” It’s a fast thing, a little different Continue reading “From Invisible to OnStage (“I’m Invisible!” Music Video!)”

Sugar Sugar! This One’s For You! (Video)

Sugar Sugar Banner

Today’s entertainment roster:
Original Song Video: “My Feet and My Mind”

Thank you for enjoying my music!

Thanks to my friends, who I don’t really know very well because I’m a little shy sometimes, with the band Sugar! This is one of the most talented groups I’ve seen, and I spent years discovering talent Continue reading “Sugar Sugar! This One’s For You! (Video)”

The Garden of Life (A Song)

The Garden of Life

In the garden of life you’ll dance with me
The music will roll in the walls of stone
Everybody’s the new nobody
It feels alright when you’re not alone …

I want to love your innocence
I want to love your wishfulness
I want to love that look in your eye
The blossoming of confidence

To take a chance; to breathe the air!
To wake up and just take the dare
There’s no disconnecting; now I’m aware
For better or worse, we’re here by the pair! Continue reading “The Garden of Life (A Song)”