Talking Old Soldiers – Urso/Raimondo

This came out well! Check it out with headphones on!

Talking Old Soldiers with Brandon Raimondo on drums!

We’re working on a few songs for Brandon’s new EP, with Eli Ingendahl and Taylor Murdoch. A great group of very talented guys I’m proud to be able to work with. This is what we did after Taylor and Eli left. Still workin’ on the Other Fish stuff, and hopin’ to make some sort of video with them.

Stay tuned!

The song was written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, from the 1970 Elton John album “Tumbleweed Connection.”

I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading “Talking Old Soldiers – Urso/Raimondo”

If my dog is on Advantage, why is she constantly chewing at her legs and back?

It’s possible the Advantage is not working. It’s also possible your dog has an allergy or rash that could be caused by a different type of bug bite, like a mosquito. There are also other possibilities. Read on!

I do want to take the opportunity to share a story, about how veterinarians prescribe things sometimes. Be careful out there!

I had a Jack Russell named Ollie, who was losing weight and had a supersized flea problem. He was constantly scratching. He didn’t look very happy Continue reading “If my dog is on Advantage, why is she constantly chewing at her legs and back?”

Social Media Addiction is Real!

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How do top students overcome social media addiction?
Mark Urso, Author of “A Candle Lit” (from Quora) …

They can take classes in programming social media applications!

Then they could become dealers, abandoning their morals and pushing social media applications on others, especially good-looking girls, to try to get them hooked, and turn them into pushers as well. If they can’t afford the classes, they should look into stealing money from strangers. Once they’re social media lord kingpins, they should learn Spanish, and go to some of the seedier parts of Mexico to pick up new social media applications and bring them across the border illegally. This can be extremely profitable. Continue reading “Social Media Addiction is Real!”

Sales Advice, My Time at TowerStream

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I was in the top 3 of a 200-member sales team for four years, and won the President’s Club trophy for highest sales, at TowerStream, selling Internet services, business-to-business. I was also at the same company only a few years earlier, Continue reading “Sales Advice, My Time at TowerStream”