A Candle Lit, Deconstructing Alcoholism


Carry this book with you as a candle, and become part of the solution.

A stubborn look at addiction and alcoholism based on 20 years of study and a keen ability to connect a vast amount of information.

A Candle Lit is an easy-to-read solution-focused study of alcoholism and addiction, causes and cures, with open-mindedness and eye-opening detailed description. It’s intended for therapists, professionals, caregivers and sufferers, and aims to connect the community by identifying common experience.

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This is my flagship, a non-fiction dealing with the human mind, sociology, psychology and common sense. It focuses on alcoholism and addiction, with an eye toward staying positive and finding handholds for this elusive foe, ways to understand it and check it. There’s a good deal of discussion of bi-polar, depression and mania, as well. The idea is to distill years of experience on all sides of the table, so to speak, as a listener and participant, a viewer and a target. Please contact me if you think this book can help you or someone else but you can’t afford it – I’ll get you one.

For the rest of you, buy it! Thanks! This book is a life-changer. It’s easy to understand and deeply resonant, whether you are a sufferer, a bystander, a caregiver or a professional. I have been a sober person for 25-years, and through adversity have, to survive, examined and re-examined the illusions created by stubborn minds. It all needed to be said, I thought, and I still think so, several years after having put it all together and crafted this book. Please be a part of it … by reading.

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May God bless you and yours. Life is precious. Treat it well!


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