Ahhhh, Finally Relief From The Summer Heat Wave! (or, Not The Official Weather)

Winter View

A view of my river in the winter.

Fire up a hot pot of cocoa and snuggle up for the rest of the day!

Remember, “Official Weather Forecast” is a terrific combination of words to put in your blog (for you aspiring bloggers).

My previous post was a video of me playing guitar and singing, opening with an original song called “Globe of Time.” The lyrics say “Life is alive in a globe of time … It’s all stuck together with invisible glue … The whole damn thing you can see right through!”

This is true when we look backwards, because time allows us to look at it after it has gone by. The interrelationships, causes and Continue reading “Ahhhh, Finally Relief From The Summer Heat Wave! (or, Not The Official Weather)”

Life Is Alive in a Globe of Time (Opening for Billy Gilman 2016)

Billy Gilman had a big competition coming up on “The Voice” in October and wanted to do a show for the local audience (Southern RI) before he left. I was invited to open to a full house and did a variety of originals and a few covers.


00.00 – Globe Of Time
05.07 – One Meatball
08.47 – The Rabbit’s Other Foot
09.55 – Bend And Break

— break —

15.11 – Break And Bend
18.52 – Share The Moon
21.33 – Madman Across The Water
25.53 – Price Tag

Measuring How Much We Care; The Legend of King Earl

Bigness diminishes accuracy and need for accuracy.
Details get lost in space.

PyramidsOur human concept of accuracy fades with size; in such a way that if someone told you cars were invented in the 1700’s, you’d tell them they were way off, by a hundred years … if they said the pyramids were built in 3000 BC, you could suggest they’re off by about 400 years, but it’s not too important; and if they said the Big Bang was 15 billion-years-ago, the adjustment might be oh, give or take, although it’s even less important, a billion.

Despite the uncertainty the third item actually happened, which is a pitfall of happening such a long time ago, even a strong supporter of its theory might not be terribly upset if everyone were off by a just, say, a few hundred thousand years; we’d still be “very close!” But when cars were invented? Don’t be an idiot!

paintbrushCorrelating to accuracy, need (for accuracy) also fades with large time spans. It’s like zooming in on your computer working on a piece of art, Continue reading “Measuring How Much We Care; The Legend of King Earl”

Motorcycles Quantized – Our Universe in Balance and Motion

How does balance relate to speed?

Does it at all?

Victory Motorcycle
Loaned to us for this mission

If so, do we measure this relationship and ask questions about it, the same way we do about the relationship between time, in astronomical terms, and space, in mathematical ones?

Do we care about it?

Let’s put balance on the scientific chopping block!

If we’re looking for concepts that are clearly important but for which we have truly unsatisfying answers, balance is perfect.

But does it belong in the quantifiable study of everything? Is it … anything? Can we get a grip on it?

skier - david emmetImagine someone moving very slowly on a pair of skis or a motorcycle – they’d tell you there’s definitely a relationship between motion (in time) and balance; that balance becomes easier or more difficult with movement, and things that are simply impossible going slowly are relatively easy at even just a slightly faster speed. Interestingly, for both skier and motorcyclist, success at balance is not related at all to if you’re Continue reading “Motorcycles Quantized – Our Universe in Balance and Motion”

This One’s For You (or, Thank You For Feeling Good About Yourself!)

share the moon CD

This article is just to say thank you for subscribing to my newsletter!

dragonYou are part of a small, elite group who’ve chosen to take the plunge and voluntarily read the words of the future. I promise to provide a high quantity of words and put them into a logical order.

Seriously, though. I really do Continue reading “This One’s For You (or, Thank You For Feeling Good About Yourself!)”

Kill Shot Bravo – Getting Killed Never Felt So Good – How and Why to Sniper Duel

Games are Fun!

Kill Shot BravoKill Shot Bravo is one of the great games that turns your smartphone into an amazing handheld game console. Periodically I’ll blog about KSB; if you have never ventured into the games you can play on your phone, I encourage you to check some out. This one is very graphic and would be best if you love guns and shooting, the armed forces and extremely high quality graphics.

I Keep Getting Killed!

You’re doing just fine!

Sniper Duel is one of the most challenging events in Kill Shot Bravo (KSB). Just now I hit my opponent four times in succession using a semi-automatic HH Founder’s Rifle, to get the win. The trick to getting anywhere Continue reading “Kill Shot Bravo – Getting Killed Never Felt So Good – How and Why to Sniper Duel”

Never Be As Cute (a Poem)

This is a poem I wrote about Katy Perry. She’s a singer who’s played many venues I hope to play someday myself, like the Super Bowl.

Katy PerryI have been trying to get Katy’s attention for years, to let her know I’ve written this poem, and threatening to make it into a song that people all over the East Coast will enjoy. I just don’t want her to be upset if it turns out people like me better than her. I also wanted to thank her for all the great photos! As you will be able to tell reading the poem, Katy is much better-looking than most of us, so her lending me some Katy pics for my blog works out well for me.

Katy PerryThe poem is inspired by Katy’s Prismatic Tour in 2014, which I saw on television, and her Super Bowl gig too. Get a little funky when you read it – and imagine a good steady pop music beat underneath, and a fantabulous light show, and me with green hair!

“Never Be As Cute”

I’ll never be as cute as you
Never look so good in a tutu
Never pass for a teenage dream
You’ll never see my pink hair gleam

Katheryn is on the stage
The dream is gonna be teen-age Continue reading “Never Be As Cute (a Poem)”

The Intangible Surprise (or, The Virtue of Telling a Lie!)

Birthday CakeA surprise birthday party (then maybe a nap on the beach) is a great way to see what’s important to people, which might not be what’s most obvious, might get us thinking about why it’s important, and also shows how people inter-react (without conversing) with “no harm done.” We’ll see the Universe around us is not “container-able” in more ways than just size-wise.

Society, as a focus, balances based on invisible, unspoken agreements among all of us, which are based on those things historically not throwing us off balance; easy-to-agree-to things, mostly, but not always.

At the moment of “surprise!” the innocent birthday celebrant has to suddenly react, and in an appropriate way, no matter how he felt a moment before. So, appropriately, he smiles as if he is being treated like a king, all the time wondering how the stint was pulled off, and still standing beside the person who walked him into the rigged room, the person who deceived him the most.

smiley-thumbs-upBut it’s all in good fun, and everyone has a grand time. The concept of a universally-assumed opinion is the very core of society. It’s what we do when we don’t ask permission first; almost everything. And it’s bilateral; an unsaid conversation; but it’s based on history, our knowledge of what’s been done before; we all know it, understand it and agree to the degree we’ll wager a sizable prank, time, money and even the risk it might go wrong.

In the pre-party planning, someone might say Continue reading “The Intangible Surprise (or, The Virtue of Telling a Lie!)”

My Facebook Rant (or, What The Hell Is He Saying Now?)

“The new ways we have to communicate shouldn’t obscure the general delivery of news that can be trusted to have been checked out first, before being delivered.”

facebook thumbThus began the final writ, the one I, myself, without checking too many things for facts, anxiously posted on Facebook in early 2017 – my two cents.

The rest of my Facebook indulgence:

Please don’t believe memes!
Not without checking them out for a half a minute!

meme saying don't believe memesWhen Prince Charles allegedly (an antique word I learned in journalism) calls out my President, instead of spending a minute letting it “soak in,” as the poster suggested, I spent thirty seconds to check it out. The tweet is there, but then it’s ruined when I read Continue reading “My Facebook Rant (or, What The Hell Is He Saying Now?)”

An Objection To Objectivity

Are nature and science at odds?

Members of a species usually don’t cannibalize themselves; why don’t sharks eat each other? The question is fundamental.

It’s an example of things that are unchangeable, intrinsic to nature, that almost appear to be decisions, in such a way that they’re not scientific or mathematical but could be seen as unbreakable instincts among creatures, where survival of the species is the natural inclination, or the result of specific engineering, as in the case of millions of ants, but it’s all done by nature without human intervention, and a mostly marvelously complete and satisfying experience.

Nature, our world, our creatures, protect themselves and procreate naturally, and strength is filtered into the future naturally; if this is happening with all life, from ants to humans, shouldn’t it also be happening with the planet itself (and yes, despite us humans and our aerosol spray cans), and the Universe too? Shouldn’t the Universe have this same “personality,” revealed in nature to us as regeneration and promise for the future?

Mark and Ollie in Kayak
The author and his dog in a boat.

The tools nature uses are the important message. While we struggle with math just because the Universe is large, all around us creation uses a different platform, a distinct universal decision-making process based on a purpose, not on math, a process that’s dynamic and self-healing.

These kinds of tools (balance- not digitally-centered) are not generally used in science when the scale of study becomes astronomical or microscopic, but maybe they should be … or, at least, Continue reading “An Objection To Objectivity”

The Observability Of Nature (or, You’re Blinder Than a Bat!)

Penguins walk like people and swim like fish.

In Oregon red-eyed birds can walk, though it looks more like dancing, on water.

Thought Bubble: “I wish I could fly!”

Mudskippers are fish that walk on land, dig holes in the mud and prefer to be on land; the fins have what look like elbows as it uses them like a dog does its front legs. It looks like a fish with front legs; it’s eerie.

A chameleon’s eyes move independently of each other. The Venus Fly Trap is a plant that lures, traps and consumes its prey, a fly, successfully with no brain at all.

While the bear is bumbling with salmon there are dolphins creating circles of mud in the water and catching fish in their mud circle traps; these most intelligent animals look like they’re having fun!

Monkeys use stone tools like hammers to crush nuts, after leaving the nuts out in the sun for a week to become easier to break.

God shows us evolution in naturesGreatEventsDolphinsthe moth and tadpole, crawling from the sea and flying into the sky and readapting to a completely new body during a single lifetime. In the lion, bear and dolphin, He shows us how to hunt, faultless killing similar to play. In the dolphins he shows us what an intelligent creature would do if it lived exclusively in the water. The go-to bounty is seemingly endless small, fast fish; the big, smart dolphin’s goal, given choices, is to have fun!

The farther we go from the sea and become more like intelligent mammals, the more time we spend in our families, like the Orangutan, raising our young. We are surrounded by the modern and the primitive – the underlings of the food chain and the unchallenged champions, dinosaurs, dragons and humans … even … toads that eat tarantulas.

Clarke's Grebes DancingIn Oregon, the Clark’s Grebe, Continue reading “The Observability Of Nature (or, You’re Blinder Than a Bat!)”