Playing Monopoly With Cox (or, How to Get Your Google Back!)

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The Creature In The Light Blue Suit

No man should ever wear an entirely light blue suit. There might be a book of great advice like this, called “Awkward Things To Avoid” that my cable company, Cox Communications, got a hold of for its advertising campaigns.

cox logoHere’s a company that breaks every rule of good advertising, creating the ultimate catalog of mediocre, awkward television ads, despite being in the TV business. Probably because they’re not really in the TV business. They just use those old cables to compete with Netflix.

There’s the one where the clever college student ponders silence, which his girlfriend explains Continue reading “Playing Monopoly With Cox (or, How to Get Your Google Back!)”

Kill Shot Bravo Tips and Tricks (or, How to Really Play for Free!)

kill shot bravo

When I have a little me time, I’ll get out my miniature game console, my smartphone, and kill some s.o.b.s! Ahhh, modern recreation! If you haven’t played Kill Shot Bravo yet, you haven’t met the fun side of me!

Go go go!

In a previous article I discussed the specifics in KSB’s Sniper Duel mode. In this brief article I’ll list tips and tricks, and talk about paying versus playing free! Continue reading “Kill Shot Bravo Tips and Tricks (or, How to Really Play for Free!)”

Forgiveness Pass (A Poem)

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Christianity tells me what I should do
If my bitterness needs to be tended to
They say you can’t hurt me unless I let you
I was hurting myself as my feelings grew

No matter how disloyal you were to me
Trying to make me react
They say if I forgive you then I can be free
But I’m just getting started with my counter attack

The forgiver is broken, that’s what Continue reading “Forgiveness Pass (A Poem)”

About Me … Why Not? (or, Nothing Pun Going On Here!)

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You might be better off not reading this.

It was written by an expert in reverse-psychology, and you, even the most staunch, ruthlessly-skeptical readers, will probably be easily swept in by his clever techniques. You’re probably not smart enough to keep up. Therefore, it is strongly recommended Continue reading “About Me … Why Not? (or, Nothing Pun Going On Here!)”

I’ve Got A Spot (A Poem)

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I’ve got a spot that’s sunny a lot
It’s out in the yard by the hutch
It’s perfect there never too cold or too hot
Now I feel like I’ve said too much

I wish I had someone to share my spot with
Maybe a golden retriever
Someone with whom I could go for a walk
… But it would be best … if he couldn’t talk

Maybe I just need a cat
I would be happy with that
I’m not in the mood to put up a fight
He could even be fat

We could go for a walk
And he couldn’t talk
And I’d be so happy
It would be like therapy

But what if I tell him too much
And what if he goes on a rant
It’s difficult finding someone to trust
I should probably just get a plant