Chapter Thirty-Two: Aina’s Dreams

The following is a sample from my first novel. Hint: it’s about a cat named Fuzz and a girl name Aina!

Chapter Thirty-Two: Aina’s Dreams

“How many times will we have Beef Wellington today!” Aina kept the smile going as she rocked, up and … yes, feet on the floor … to deliver some food to Fuzz, for sure!

“Make it so!” would be what Aina said usually, doing her best “Picard” voice, and not bad for a girl, Fuzz thought … when the actual food delivery took place, and this moment, which was happening right now, is, for Fuzz, the most wonderful blend of technological imagery and stark, hunger satisfying, undeniable, reality. Continue reading “Chapter Thirty-Two: Aina’s Dreams”

GoFundNothing! Globe of Time!

Globe of Time Pre-Sales Launch Today!

Music Time!

My next show is in Westerly, RI, tonight (Tuesday) 7-9PM at the Tapped Apple. Please come and bring your friends!

I’m also getting ready to record my 2nd album and publish my 2nd novel! Both are available for pre-sale! You can help kickstart the projects! You can pre-purchase the upcoming CD, “Globe of Time” and novel “Share The Moon, Episode 2, Esteban Escobar,” come see me play, and spin my tunes on iTunes and Spotify. All of your support is very much appreciated! Continue reading “GoFundNothing! Globe of Time!”

GoFundMy Nobility + Win A Prize!

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I should call my new “Kickstarter” campaign “Fund My Hobby!”

dragon flyingBut I won’t, because that makes it sound like it’s not worth a Nobel Prize!

When I was young, I saw Bob Dylan on TV. My mom explained he made money playing guitar and singing. Looked pretty simple to me!

Now, older and wiser, with a better appreciation for how the music industry works, understanding the intense practice behind the scenes, I still am impressed not with the intricacy or perfection of a performance, but with how easy it looks. Continue reading “GoFundMy Nobility + Win A Prize!”

Where The Goblins Go (A Song!)

free song

And now for something completely different!

This is from my CD “Share The Moon!” It’s called “Where The Goblins Go,” and was inspired by traditional creepiness for children from the popular movie “The Wizard of Oz!” The original song “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead!” was written in 1939!

This is my late entry for Halloween, as my house was out of power because of a big storm and I was not able to post for a couple days. It was dark, and spooky quiet! Continue reading “Where The Goblins Go (A Song!)”

Newtonian Economics in 21st-c. America (or, What’s Smarter than a Phone?)

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Apple invented the smartphone, when it morphed a glorified Sony Walkman, the iconic iPod, into a telephone.

Now, the phone is (almost) the part you don’t need, and the pod has become a proper little pad. A little iPad – like the iPad’s little brother. But the little pad is a phone, still … for now.

Through the company’s long history Apple has invented many cool things. But not many new ones lately.

The bubble has burst … the game tilted.


It’s a good time to stop and look at where we are! Continue reading “Newtonian Economics in 21st-c. America (or, What’s Smarter than a Phone?)”

Until We Can’t (A Poem)

A Poem Banner

Life’s a critical condition
At least in my head
Wake up falling in the air
Until … or if …
Until we’re dead!

Baby trooper in midstorm
Better be quiet or be torn
The goal is to simply land
Until … or if …
We hit the sand!

Bad guys guns and bombs
I know better; I feel strong
I want to win; I know I can
Until … or if …
Here comes the storm! Continue reading “Until We Can’t (A Poem)”

The Old-Fashioned Radio Show

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It was 1980. Hair was big. John’s last name was Cougar. Apple computers didn’t exist. Diana was engaged to Charles. Rambo was just a twinkle in Stallone’s eye. And I was a disc jockey and newsman at WERI AM/FM in Rhode Island.

I came home every weekend from Boston College to work on-the-air. I missed a lot of Friday night parties at school, but thankfully the student body started every weekend on Thursday.

I didn’t have big hair, but a lot of popular musicians did. I loved throwing Frisbees with my friend John Cavaliere in the square, where the girls could possibly be watching from their dorm room windows. Continue reading “The Old-Fashioned Radio Show”

Amazon, The Big Engine That Can’t

Amazon Haystack Logo

Sometimes when a company says they have great customer service, they don’t.

They may, though, have a hopeful program in place that aims to have great customer service, based on the fact they have bad customer service. Often this effort will be bolstered by advertising about how great their customer service is. In fact, often, if you want to know what a company is particularly bad at, just take a look at what they claim to be great at.

For Amazon, this dynamic is easy to see in the “Advantage” program.

Amazon HaystackThe warehouses Amazon continues to build around the U.S. are not justified logically. The programs they support are for small sellers (like me) and don’t work. The company is denying the complicated problem by just building more. Continue reading “Amazon, The Big Engine That Can’t”

Apple and the New Cloud 9 Operating System (or, What’s My Password Again?)

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Do you have an Apple iPhone or computer?

apple logo

Does it ask you for your “account password” too often and for no good reason? Is it, like many, stuck, and you dread the Fort Knox password-problem-process?

You are not alone.

Even the stalwart Android smartphone operating system (nicknamed “suck-an-apple”) leans on a cloud, but the brains behind those phones and tablets, many made by Samsung, already know and aren’t too stubborn to accept, people will never live in the cloud. Continue reading “Apple and the New Cloud 9 Operating System (or, What’s My Password Again?)”

Craigslist – The Great Poker Game

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I’ve mentioned the dinosaurs walking Earth, eBay and Amazon. But what about Craigslist? Is it even worth a mention? What’s it all about, and why isn’t it in the news until someone gets busted when a personal massage goes wildly wrong?

Craigslist must not be important. Ebay would have bought it, or Google by now. It’s just an anomaly, floating out there with no big impact …

craigslist logo green

Or is it? On the outside Craiglist is a public place, but on the inside it’s very private. Craigslist is not, as its dot-org suggests, non-profit. Continue reading “Craigslist – The Great Poker Game”