Simple Stretching For Everyone

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My stretching routine is based on balance. I’m an expert skier, spent a lot of time around yoga, and trained in karate for 6 years.

I developed my simple ritual Continue reading “Simple Stretching For Everyone”

Stickin’ It To The Music Man!

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What about musicians who’ve found success without major labels? That sounds like an interesting topic!

It’s a thing!


Mac Miller did it! Chance the Rapper’s the new indie-pop rage! Indie publishing is the new wave!

According to Wikipedia, Miller, the rapper-singer-record-producer, and one-time Ariana Grande Continue reading “Stickin’ It To The Music Man!”

Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, Nothing

edie brickell

A little YouTube love – from  1988!

This was not meant to be ironic. The title of the website, and the  song, is “Nothing.” So I wanted to share the song, on the website.

It was only when I went to view it myself on this site that I discovered …

Nothing happens.

You’ll see!

YouTube is showing its cards now, Continue reading “Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, Nothing”

If a Dog Walked Into a Bar

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If a Dog Walked Into a Bar

If a dog walked into a bar
Would it be smoking a cigar

It just isn’t something I can ask my cat
‘Cause I don’t think she knows about that

She doesn’t smoke, because it’s addictin’
Somethin’ she learned when she was just a little kitten

So that’s that!

Besides, unless he’s an unusual bloke
Most of the dogs I know don’t smoke

At least not out in the open
And they don’t have any lips

He’d have to hold the thing in his teeth
And it’d probably just make him sick Continue reading “If a Dog Walked Into a Bar”