Rollin’ (Newman) – Mark Urso

Rollin ‘                                       Newman                    Capo 2

I never drink in the afternoon                            D A7 D
I never drink alone                                                   D E A7
But I sure do like a drink or two                        D – F# Bm
When I get home!                                                     E A7 D Continue reading “Rollin’ (Newman) – Mark Urso”

Joan Armatrading, Let it Last, Song Chords

Let it Last                               Joan Armatrading                    To The Limit

I got used to feelin’ lonely                                                     E
My spirit always down                                                            A
The grass was gettin’ greener                                           A     E
And my winter was comin’ ’round                                    A     E Continue reading “Joan Armatrading, Let it Last, Song Chords”