Hannity: Biden Inc. has been exposed

Mark Urso

Tiffany Anderson Twitter Poll Shows Crazy Result

If you’re not a Twitter expert, I’ll fill in some info …

Here’s a screenshot of a poll taken by a Twitter user:

It’s easy to see, Trump is winning, according to this poll! But, really, Mark, what’s it worth? Other polls (many of them) show Biden winning, or a neck to neck race! This is crazy. Stop posting ridiculous things!

But wait! I’ll explain!

Tiffany Anderson has only 303 followers. That’s important, because Continue reading “Tiffany Anderson Twitter Poll Shows Crazy Result”

Censorship in America – Here’s the NY Post Article You’re Not Supposed to See

Three times, no less.

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Joe Biden’s Big Marshmallow Roast

Time for a quick public safety announcement. Just like masks, this is for YOUR OWN good. If you’re smart, you’ll follow my advice.


Fires are hot. Smokey Bear knows.

Alright, c’mon man! Pay attention!


I have to be honest; it’s not just the fire that’s dangerous, it’s people who aren’t careful with fire. Everybody knows it can be dangerous.

Are you still paying attention? C’mon man! (last time, I promise!)

See these marshmallows? Well, marshmallows, even in a field all day soaking in the hot sun, are not very flammable. In fact, they’re often used Continue reading “Joe Biden’s Big Marshmallow Roast”

Pence / Harris Debate, October 7 – Pence Finds Consistency and Stands His Ground

just words

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden plan to pack the US Supreme Court, if they somehow are elected into office.

Given every opportunity to answer or deny this possibility, US Senator Kamala Harris, candidate for US Vice President, clearly and without any doubt refused to answer the question. She was borderline harassed by the Vice President during last night’s debate at the University of Utah, as VP Mike Pence repeated the question several times, urging her to answer it, but she would not. Her method was not insistent, as much as evasive.

She had nothing to say about the topic, which has arisen Continue reading “Pence / Harris Debate, October 7 – Pence Finds Consistency and Stands His Ground”

List of 24 Weird Things (or, What Did You Do on Your Saturday Night?)

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List of 24 Weird Things

These things are weird. They’re all related to historic preparedness, mostly via Obama and Missus Clinton, to change the world, along with a big swell of “the desire to appear good.” The liberal tide of spreading hate began taking a visible form many years-ago, though the visible parts were difficult, if not impossible, to connect to any nefarious purpose, and were always cloaked as “doing good.” These things are all generally Continue reading “List of 24 Weird Things (or, What Did You Do on Your Saturday Night?)”