The History (and Future) of Online Selling for the Small Guy on Amazon and eBay

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I’ve been selling online for over 20-years, ever since my friend, Dave, encouraged me to try eBay. It was sort of a new thing at the time. My previous experience had been disappointing, because the web interface wasn’t working well. But after I tried it again it was better. I could get a sale posting through.

In those twenty years, in retrospect, I’m feeling like I rode the best wave eBay Continue reading “The History (and Future) of Online Selling for the Small Guy on Amazon and eBay”

Hurricane (Dylan) Chords For Guitar

I’ve greatly simplified this without changing any of the chords. This is intended for guitarists and other musicians, so it’s easy to glance at the music and see what you need to see, without any clutter.  I also re-align the word wraps, because the “poetic” pacing, the lyrics written in rhythm, are usually done incorrectly on the popular chord website “Ultimate Guitar,” making it much more difficult a task to play the song.

When I tried to submit chords for the Bob Dylan song “Isis” Continue reading “Hurricane (Dylan) Chords For Guitar”

Scans, Man V2

For my friends who aren’t on Facebook …

Photos are scans from a 1980’s-era album. They’re a little contrasty. If you’re in here and would like the original, let me know! If you’re not in here, but I probably have pics of you, hang in there; I have another 4 or 5 albums to scan! There’s 138 here! If you can ID anyone, Continue reading “Scans, Man V2”