Intermediate Guitar Lessons with Mark Urso – Lesson One, Diatonic Scale, Styles and Rhythm

Guitar Lessons with Mark Urso

The first in a series of guitar lesson videos.

Learn to play from the comfort of your home, by way of this half-hour lesson, geared toward intermediate guitar players, focused on the diatonic (whole notes) scale, styles, hammer-ons, trills, triplets, and playing in rhythm! Continue reading “Intermediate Guitar Lessons with Mark Urso – Lesson One, Diatonic Scale, Styles and Rhythm”

Should I end a 2 year relationship before or after we eat tacos?

I strongly believe you should have the tacos first. And please understand, you’re not the only one who’s had this problem, wondering if they should have their delicious tacos before breaking off their two-year relationship.

Tacos are the perfect meal, in fact, because they’re lightweight and their ingredients are brightly colored, so they can easily be found scattered around Continue reading “Should I end a 2 year relationship before or after we eat tacos?”

If my dog is on Advantage, why is she constantly chewing at her legs and back?

It’s possible the Advantage is not working. It’s also possible your dog has an allergy or rash that could be caused by a different type of bug bite, like a mosquito. There are also other possibilities. Read on!

I do want to take the opportunity to share a story, about how veterinarians prescribe things sometimes. Be careful out there!

I had a Jack Russell named Ollie, who was losing weight and had a supersized flea problem. He was constantly scratching. He didn’t look very happy Continue reading “If my dog is on Advantage, why is she constantly chewing at her legs and back?”

Raining in Baltimore (Video)

Raining in Baltimore – Counting Crows
Mark Urso, Vocal; Brandon Raimondo, Drums
Written by Adam Duritz

A beautiful song about breaking up, feeling small, and having a vivid imagination! On just another Wednesday night at my place!

This is a personal achievement for me; a few years ago, I couldn’t have pulled this off! It’s also a personal favorite of mine! Brandon had only heard the song a few times before this! Video and Lyrics, and a nice article as well, below!

Tech Stuff:

I believe the guitar is a lifelong world full of growing and learning, but you have to contain it; you have to first adhere to a few containers, which could feel like restrictions, the “containers of music” … Continue reading “Raining in Baltimore (Video)”

Why are hot dogs called DOGS?

1200x630-FB-CAT Baloneygate

Cat Stevens actually wrote a song about this.

A long time ago, a gang of angry, feral cats broke into the Meriam-Webster building and forged some documents. It was a big scandal; they changed the names of a number of popular foods (Google “Baloneygate”).

The cats later formed a society called the “Dogmatic Watchdogs” – their purpose was to “shepherd the forces that demean felines.” They would meet in unlikely places and cause trouble; boxing rings, on farms, at sled pulls, bear-hunting contests, Continue reading “Why are hot dogs called DOGS?”

Social Media Addiction is Real!

just words

How do top students overcome social media addiction?
Mark Urso, Author of “A Candle Lit” (from Quora) …

They can take classes in programming social media applications!

Then they could become dealers, abandoning their morals and pushing social media applications on others, especially good-looking girls, to try to get them hooked, and turn them into pushers as well. If they can’t afford the classes, they should look into stealing money from strangers. Once they’re social media lord kingpins, they should learn Spanish, and go to some of the seedier parts of Mexico to pick up new social media applications and bring them across the border illegally. This can be extremely profitable. Continue reading “Social Media Addiction is Real!”