The Field of Freedom (a Poem)

The wind is tainted with freedom
The conditions are not good
For the gentle blessings of my God
Are we doing all we should?

The face of God He sees you
He’s calling out your name
He wants a conversation
He sleeps into your dreams

He understands the underdog
And raises up the meek
But it doesn’t solve your problems
And He never really speaks

Candlelight and daffodils
In a soft warm wind you kneel
But that’s just in a dream; your real life’s
On a real battlefield

The slate it never gets wiped clean
There’s always gonna be
The dirty wind of war and strife
The wind of freedom for you and me

So is this my God’s face and hands?
He’s not so gentle now
The field is fresh with death; everyone’s
Wondering why and how

This is what our freedom costs
There shouldn’t be a doubt
The voice of God’s in the same wind
That blew your candle out

The Field of Freedom, Poem and Novel Combo

dragonI’m a writer and a musician, and when I sleep I dream in rhythm! I wake up and write down threads that come together later in the week. Sometimes they are great poems, some need melody, and then when I really get going … a couple hundred pages of novelette isn’t out of the question.

The themes were familiar, authentic and consistent. Dragons threatening innocent young girls, or so it seems. Dreamy but distinct, my thoughts brought mice to the jury stand with a bandito attorney dressed as a bullfighter and poised to protect his maiden.

Share The Moon NovelSo then there’s the question of what to do with all these visions. I wish, in a perfect world, I could stuff them right down your throat! The marketing of greatness will be the biggest let-down of your life, if you ever think, even for just a moment, you’ve done something great. If it is to be heard, no-one will listen; if it is to be seen, no-one will look; and if it is to be experienced, you will feel very much all alone.

So I have completely given up. The idea of hoardes of friendly readers Continue reading “The Field of Freedom, Poem and Novel Combo”

Red Rhino Versus Dr. Seuss – All That is Wrong with Amazon Dot Com

dr seuss character Cat in the Hat
Talking Cat

Dr. Seuss I’m afraid I’m dropping a bomb
Red Rhino has hijacked Amazon-dot-com
The people will rally just like Vietnam
Nobody will listen but still try to stay calm

In the Amazon jungle the battle begins
You kidnap my customer in order to win
I only find out when I hear of the fray
By then it’s too late and I’ll never get paid!

I often write about dragons and intimidating monsters. This time it’s a Rhino that’s causing trouble, bringing a mighty stink to an unlikely field.

This is a colorful story, teaming poor suffering alcoholics and caregivers together with popular fictional characters, like Dr. Seuss.

Online sales is a real battlefield. I’m ready to go to battle, too. But they won’t give me my gear and gun. And even worse, now they’re shooting at me!

Why is this happening? Is it deliberate? Well, I am curious, too, but even if I don’t ever find out, it is a huge problem. At this rate I will not survive.

The unlikely field of battle is Amazon’s Dot Com Jungle. The foe is a third-party seller who taunts his enemies with high prices that frustrate their bookkeepers into surrender, and sometimes trick innocent shoppers Continue reading “Red Rhino Versus Dr. Seuss – All That is Wrong with Amazon Dot Com”

The Role Of The Observer, A Chapter From “Nothing” by Mark Urso

Einstein’s relativity theories may be close to understanding the vastness of the universe. And they indelibly connect time to the “size” we seek. I believe time is a theoretical universal constant, but the elusive meter-needle nature of the Universe points not to changing or bending time, but organically-embodied “traits,” rhythm and balance, energetic systems that extend through nature and should be called-out in the study of Everything. Rhythm and balance are as important parts of the equation as time itself.

Size, in universal terms, can only be measured by grouping distance with speed; in other words, the time it would take, at a certain speed, to “get to” the distances we are trying to understand, and sometimes the imagined possibility of doing so, if the distance is great. The universe and atomic world have to be in both contexts (time/distance) at every moment of dissection, a subspecific way to examine any topic scientifically.

It wouldn’t be hard to conclude after a general survey of the state of scientific affairs of the Universe there’s a missing piece; still a flag of “not yet proven” Continue reading “The Role Of The Observer, A Chapter From “Nothing” by Mark Urso”

The Philosophy Of Everything, A Chapter From “Nothing” by Mark Urso

In the universe of philosophy, it’s easy to connect time and space, but in astronomy and physics it’s been a contentious “space” for a hundred years! What happens if we blur the line between the two, take our stethoscope to church, so to speak? How well is science arguing it’s version of “Creation?”

The universe is amazing. With technology today, we’ve seen the unimaginable, and it’s the stuff that feeds the same philosophy poised to pull it apart to try and make some sense of it!

The study of astronomy and subatomic physics requires treatment by philosophy. It’s an admittedly easy task for the philosopher, with plenty of “far out” things to criticize. But philosophy, drawing generously from scientific exploration and theory, Continue reading “The Philosophy Of Everything, A Chapter From “Nothing” by Mark Urso”

Going To Portland, A Chapter From “Nothing” by Mark Urso

If you were going on a trip to, say, Portland, to see the world and learn about it, and some friends told you not to go there, because it’s unfit for human existence, they constantly have fiery hailstorms, and sometimes tidal waves and winds over a thousand miles-an-hour, and, you’d likely evaporate in the toxic atmosphere miles outside the city, well before you even arrived … would you still go? Of course not!

You considered your personal situation; your budget, the amount of time you have to travel, and the things you most want to learn about, but maybe you didn’t account for whether you’d never return, perishing if you visited certain places, not to mention the cost to get you to such a dangerous place safely!

But, then, imagine the trip is important to others, who also want to learn about Portland, so much so, they’re willing to pay for everything!

Still a really easy decision?

This trip is so important it may save Portland from possible destruction and give us insight Continue reading “Going To Portland, A Chapter From “Nothing” by Mark Urso”