Dear Blog Owner,

As a courtesy to you, I’m sending you this copy of a letter I recently sent to Sesame Street:

“While we understand the snuffleupagus character was probably intended to cast an inspiring educational light on our magnificent species, and continue to encourage the industry to make more movies with manatees in them, we feel offended by endless stereotyping of manatees as stupid or comparing us to the much different and less intelligent snuffleupagus.

We are certain the blog owner has gone over the edge, and while on his way to complete insanity, somehow influenced the creation of massively-popular children’s television programs in his campaign against manatees. We, though we try hard to police the increasing onslaught of misconceptions and unfairnesses toward us, underestimated how much this mean writer has harmed our reputation.”

In All Seriousness,

Fred The Manatee

cc: Mr. Snuffleupagus

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