Hey Up There! (A Song)

Here’s the lyrics:

Hey Up There!  —  Urso —  G / C

Hey up there! — it’s just me!
There’s lots of us, down-here-wonderin’-how-to-be!
C’mon and join our little par-tee
Meet my friend! – his name’s Zig-gy

He makes funny noises just out of the blue
‘Ts-like I’m livin’ my life in an animal zoo!
I-sometimes-I . . . Don’t-know-what to do!
So please please! Tell me the truth!

Ziggy says he’s tired of always layin’ around! 🙂
And somebody should take-him-to-the-beach for a round
Me I’m wonderin’, ‘bout the words to a song
Hopin’ it’ll help me get a little better along

The sun’s out shinin’, and the moon’s gonna glow
Feels like I’m feelin’ your feelin’ you know!
Hey up there! – R -, SVP would ya please!
Gimme the low-down! I’m down on my knees!

Hey up there – Lemme, tell – ya what I found!
It’s a miracle every day I keep hangin’ around!
Ziggy’s here still too, he’s safe and sound!
And this big ol’ world; she just keeps spinnin’ around!

Hey-up-there-it’s-me now I gotta sign out
It’s Spring time down here and I’m gonna sprout
I wanna know . . . but I don’t wanna find out
Touch the stove (oh yeah) and make me shout!


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