Raining in Baltimore (Video)


Raining in Baltimore – Counting Crows
Mark Urso, Vocal; Brandon Raimondo, Drums
Written by Adam Duritz

A beautiful song about breaking up, feeling small, and having a vivid imagination! On just another Wednesday night at my place!

This is a personal achievement for me; a few years ago, I couldn’t have pulled this off! It’s also a personal favorite of mine! Brandon had only heard the song a few times before this! Video and Lyrics, and a nice article as well, below!

Tech Stuff:

I believe the guitar is a lifelong world full of growing and learning, but you have to contain it; you have to first adhere to a few containers, which could feel like restrictions, the “containers of music” … Continue reading “Raining in Baltimore (Video)”

If I can only afford one microphone under $500 to record vocals with what should I get?

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Mark Urso, Owner at River Song Music (Quora answer)

Maybe a Shure SM58. An SM48, which is extremely similar, can be had for fifty bucks. You’ll have a little money left over!

I’ll assume you’re not on stage making your recordings, and you have complete control over ambient sound, and you have good headphones. So you’re looking for, I’m assuming, a studio mic for vocals.

Cheap street is the SM58. It’s a standard mic, with a standard polar pattern, and is usually used on stage, but since we don’t know what your singer sounds like, what your singer prefers, or if you’re looking for a particular sound, why not have a standard-performing mic? It won’t cost $500 – maybe $100.

It’s far more important how your room sounds, how your singer Continue reading “If I can only afford one microphone under $500 to record vocals with what should I get?”

What is the best way to go about mixing movie audio, and what are the best plugins available to achieve the best sound after using a field mixer to record the audio?

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