Make It Linger (A Poem)

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Go slow
Joy bringer
Perfect day
For ever

Dream deeper
She’s a looker
Touch my face
A little longer

Trance dancer
Soul singer
Carefully I
Spin and swing her

Check my number
It’s a keeper
Nothin’ on my
Ring finger

Kiss me!
It’s a zinger!
Just the way you
Make it linger!

Radio Appearances: Local Music Buzz on 96.7 The Buzz With Chris DiPaola (2016) and 2018 With Denise Acker Taylor

This is cool!

It’s me on the radio (below) a year ago, talking about my CD and novel combo, “Share The Moon!” Chris DiPaola and I talked for an hour and he played a bunch of songs! What fun!

I also wanted to say I’ll be on the radio Saturday night (Jan. 6) (tonight if you’re reading this with your morning coffee)!

I’ll be on for an hour Saturday on “Alternative Nation” with Denise Acker Taylor on 96.7 FM The Buzz, starting at nine.  Please tune in! We’ll talk about the Garageband era, regional musicians and writing … and I might even play a song!

You can listen on the air or via the Buzz app (HERE), or stream right out of any browser on THE BUZZ’S site.

Here’s that recorded show with Chris:

Singing The Praises of Singing

I have nephew attending college in New York, majoring in English. I saw Robbie over the weekend, but forgot to ask him if he was planning on becoming a rap star with his degree.

Probably not.

But why not?

Something about “poetry,” whether my class (which I aced) at Boston College years-ago, a quaint, stuffy little book, a professor with eyeglasses … the images conjured up by the word “poetry” are hoity-toity to me.

You too? At least, the image of poetry isn’t like rap music.

I keep wondering, why not?

I wonder, why didn’t they tell me in school, Continue reading “Singing The Praises of Singing”

Build-A-Monster Songwriting Workshop!

build a monster

In Greek Mythology, Echidna is mother of all monsters, and mother of the famed “Chimera.”

I’m wondering if she was such a bad monster because she didn’t have a mother herself! She came from nowhere!

The “Echida” I made ended up on “Share The Moon,” my spooky CD, available where great music is sold! It’s a song about the great monster, one which … sort of created itself!

I recently came across a “workout” file of music, Continue reading “Build-A-Monster Songwriting Workshop!”

Say a Little Prayer (Live Concert)

Time to thank a few folks.

I recently saw Marcy Kelly and Rickie Louise Miller at the Knickerbocker, a club in my hometown; a wonderful show! The band’s “Sugar,” usually fronted by Marcy and Natalia Rosso. It’s mostly indescribable …

Marcy sets the bar for professional singing; the best I’ve seen in a regional touring act, and on Thanksgiving Eve I was ten feet from the stage dancing, and at one point looked up and pretty much gave up any prayer to be a great singer!

Continue reading “Say a Little Prayer (Live Concert)”

Where The Goblins Go (A Song!)

free song

And now for something completely different!

This is from my CD “Share The Moon!” It’s called “Where The Goblins Go,” and was inspired by traditional creepiness for children from the popular movie “The Wizard of Oz!” The original song “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead!” was written in 1939!

This is my late entry for Halloween, as my house was out of power because of a big storm and I was not able to post for a couple days. It was dark, and spooky quiet! Continue reading “Where The Goblins Go (A Song!)”