Attempted Coup Details Reveal Bad Actors

The Bad Coup

Remember in Austin Powers, how Doctor Evil pretended to be evil, but he was sort of a pushover? He loved his cat more than he wanted to really take over anything. And he enjoyed being in the limelight!

That happened in Washington, DC, for real!

It was earlier this month at the Capitol! But the violent insurrection went wildly wrong when some behind-the-scenes footage was released on the dangerous information-sharing venue known as “Twitter.” The platform’s irresponsible management has once again dropped the ball, letting this Continue reading “Attempted Coup Details Reveal Bad Actors”

The World in a Nutshell, as Gracefully as Possible

just words

The New Way to Read and Write

I write most days and read every day, to keep up with things.

But what are those things? At this point, I’m not sure at all. And I’m becoming less sure every morning, one day at a time. Why?

Because of reality!

No-one knows what it is any more! It’s a matter of how confident you are your interpretation of reality is accurate. We’re being consistently misdirected. A good citizen is a rat in an impossible maze.

Here’s some material we have to work with, Continue reading “The World in a Nutshell, as Gracefully as Possible”

Blackmail, Bring It All Back, Bring Me Your Cup (Music Videos)

The Bring It All Back Session

This was basically a practice session. Three songs I’m working on: Robert Palmer’s “Blackmail,” from Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley (debut, 1974), S Club’sBring it All Back (Debut, 1999) and UB40’s “Bring Me Your Cup” from 1993’s standout “Promises and Lies.

I was twelve when the Robert Palmer album came out! I was always an early adopter of cool stuff! The song “Blackmail” was written by Palmer and Lowell George; George would become one of my musical heroes! It was down and dirty disco rock, unabashed, surrounded by girls in short dresses – Continue reading “Blackmail, Bring It All Back, Bring Me Your Cup (Music Videos)”

What’s a King Doing in a Lion’s Den? Trump Roasts Hillary in 2016 in the Best Rerun of the Decade

Fire, Lions and Truth

President Donald Trump, while campaigning, was brutal in a 2016 roast of Hillary Clinton. His primary weapon was not humor. It was truth.

How have the relationships shifted? What colors have been shown in four years? Other than Maria Bartiromo, who appears in a slightly-too-“red” dress behind Trump, he’s surrounded by people who will betray him like snakes.

But Trump made the best of the night, as you’ll see in the video.

He digs in, saying Hillary is sitting here “pretending not to hate Catholics!”

“She knows the jokes, and all of the jokes were given to her in advance Continue reading “What’s a King Doing in a Lion’s Den? Trump Roasts Hillary in 2016 in the Best Rerun of the Decade”

All Hail the Media! God Save the Sheep!

State of the State

The Prince of Darkness has nestled himself into your home.

He canceled Christmas, after setting fire to random public property in all his glory. He announced his arrival with stones, fireworks and baseball bats, forcing his way into homes where he’d never be welcome. He set up a castle, hired help and immediately set sights on the biggest house on the block.

He’s a monster with many arms. The passionate and still mighty arms of his foes wrangle in darkness, each attached Continue reading “All Hail the Media! God Save the Sheep!”

Omaha (Duritz), Mark Urso

song banner hip hop

A music video from the recent past!

I’m testing hosting this video on WordPress. The other options include YouTube, which I currently use, Vimeo, which is a strangely-set up thing and self-hosting on my Netsol space, which I will try next. This week web hosting became a partisan issue. Who would have thought?

Omaha, from August and Everything After, Mark Urso, Epiphone guitar.

Written by Adam Duritz Continue reading “Omaha (Duritz), Mark Urso”

Twitter is Falling Apart, Anti- is the New Social

Welcome to 2021

Twitter and Facebook are fulfilling promises to Satan, as if an edict from Hell was issued yesterday. In a combination sweep of people deleting, and people being suspended, both platforms have gone rogue on America.

Perhaps both should move their headquarters to China.

Massive numbers of people have abandoned Continue reading “Twitter is Falling Apart, Anti- is the New Social”

Congress Has Been Compromised

Good morning! It’s Friday, and Donald Trump is still the President! Joe Biden is still a liar and many Americans seem to have been hypnotized!

Reading social media has turned into a dangerous experience! It’s gone from unfair to just plain uncool.

So we have to look, now, at the long game.

I don’t know what that is. That’s why I’m writing this Thursday night, and I’m about to go to bed. I have absolutely nothing interesting to say.

This is good, though: Continue reading “Congress Has Been Compromised”

All Eyes on Georgia as Trump Propounds and Jones Entertains for Nighttime Loeffler/Perdue Victory Rally

Eyes on Georgia

The President spoke tonight, one day before an important Georgia Senate election, before an enormous crowd at Dalton Regional Airport. The event was a Republican “victory rally,” but the best part was from a Democrat! Partisan politics was not the foundation of tonight’s rally, and didn’t need to be. Over 20,000 supporters filled the stands, and in the air was a sense of pride, not bitterness; unity, not divisiveness.

Marine One arrived at 9:02 PM. The event was broadcast live on YouTube by Right Side Broadcasting, with 216,223 viewers Continue reading “All Eyes on Georgia as Trump Propounds and Jones Entertains for Nighttime Loeffler/Perdue Victory Rally”

Call Out To Trump Haters

I think the media has changed reality!

Not for me, because I carefully sidestep the poison, hate-filled faux journalism being distributed by major news media. If you go a tiny bit further, you’ll find reality hiding in the wings. Sometimes it’s in the form of something so absolutely unbelievable you might discredit it. Sometimes you don’t have time, and you trust the fact-checkers. But please admit, we don’t have any reason to trust fact-checkers. Let me be your fact-checker, if you don’t have time.

A friend of mine in sales used to say “Trust me until I give you a reason not to.” In the sales environment, it was cute, a little funny, and sometimes effective. But in the big world of reality it’s a little overconfident. Unless, of course, the other person gives you a reason Continue reading “Call Out To Trump Haters”