A Song is Born (Songwriting Session)

Here is a song being born. I’ll do something more with this melody. We came up with three parts (that I can derive from this workout), and I’m sure I’ve got some lyrics lying around somewhere!

I usually write songs words-first, so it’s fun to just play with melodies and come up with fun-sounding things, musically, first, then deal with the words.

This video happened after our drummer left and Continue reading “A Song is Born (Songwriting Session)”

Testing: Rode Stereo Videomic X

It’s probably best to listen to the video below with headphones or big speakers to get an idea of the Videomic X’s sound; out of small speakers the mix sounds thin – I did not add any compression to the file – this is a raw video file out of a Canon XA-30 camcorder with a a Rode stereo “Videomic X” via XLR to mini-XLR cables.

Camera audio inputs are set to “auto.” Next test with drums I’ll use the manual setting, which, on this camera still provides some Auto Gain Control but I imagine might sound less severe. Continue reading “Testing: Rode Stereo Videomic X”

Not Too Big of a Manatee

just words

Dear Mister Blog Person,

It’s come to my attention there’s been a notable lack of activity on this blog the past few weeks.

Although we’ve had our differences in the past, I, for one, would like to congratulate you on showing respect and restraint to us manatees by not recently directing harsh accusations and unfairnesses toward us, as you have Continue reading “Not Too Big of a Manatee”