The Perspective of The Himalayas, God’s Math and Everything Else

The Perspective of The Himalayas

In nature, rhythm reveals reality to us, on time scales, which humans gladly live within! From a broad perspective, seasons show us reliable annual replenishment, and on a broader scale, our earth has mountains 20,000 feet high created by land masses crashing into each other tens of millions of years-ago. But while this is where the replenishment itself comes from, had we seen it coming, would we perhaps have tried to stop it? Huge masses of land slowly crashing into each other?

The North Face of Everest, Tibet
The North Face of Everest, Tibet

No! Not if we could see it all! If ice-age beings, in an imaginative way, knew, 70-million years-ago the plates of the continents were on a collision course, would it have been prudent for them to try and stop it (for the sake of the future)?

Of course not, because we’re sitting here 70-million years-later, and can see the results, the rest of the natural rhythm, mountain ranges that feed us water and provide vast, dynamic ecologies. There was probably a lot of damage done creating the Himalayas, but,

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Your Life: Invalid Click Activity, Blame the Googleoids or Join the Club (or, “An Article With a Lot of Specific Words”)

If you think the President of the United States has a lot of money and you should be worried about it; you should be worried about Google.

The history of the universe is relatively new. Dr. Evil is real. You will never find his lair, but you’ll hear stories …

Remember when the Internet was “new,” and big publishers like the “New York Times” were so stupid they didn’t get on the bandwagon, scratching their heads while going out of business as if Google had cast a magic spell upon world commerce? You remember, it was like, a couple years ago.

ny times logoThe stupidity, in hindsight, was massive; newspapers didn’t think the Internet was important and didn’t have websites for years, while us early-adopters got excited about any poor implementation of the new electonic universe, laughing that “People” magazine doesn’t understand. But us smart ones were still scratching our heads too, wondering how Google was “doing it.” Now, instead of having figured out how Google does it, we just forgot the question, buried by emotional short-lived POTUS bashing.

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Chasing Pterodactyl and Sharing the Moon

My stepson Todd and I went kayaking recently on the river where I live. I’m not alone, accompanied in my river habitat by impressive creatures, from tiny lobster-like critters determined to cross the lawn in the spring, to overgrown slow-motion snapping turtles and prehistoric-looking great blue herons.

great blue heron
Great Blue Heron

The herons are big and have zombie eyes. Todd and I both got a good look that day on the river. As we approached a wide corner, the background a big spread of low-lying grass where “Mister Blue” (I just made that up now) likes to hang around, I told Todd “We’ll see him up here … I’ll flush him out!” Feeling confident, we pushed forward on the water a little Continue reading “Chasing Pterodactyl and Sharing the Moon”

Stephen Hawking Does Hip Hop, from “Nothing” by Mark Urso

I don’t know what “quantum” means.

But a lot of scientists are very excited about it!

Quantum TamersMany of them put on their best shirts for the visually-intensive documentary “The Quantum Tamers,” a show that promises, in the teaser, to “rock your world,” and turns out to actually be jam-packed with big screen light shows, the strangest close-ups you’ll ever see, and some very long sentences with lots of impressive words!

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The Rhythm Of Neurodiversity, A Chapter From “Nothing” by Mark Urso

What scientists are studying is ultimately subjective, and maybe the only walls they’re hitting are those of interdisciplinary diversity, open-minded purpose, and perspective.

The subsets of subjectivity show us the world as a mostly-measurable array of sound, light and color. Rhythm, as in heartbeat, vibration, harmonics, and the entire electromagnetic spectrum (visible and otherwise), is an important element of the everything question.

candle with tambourinePhotons, the elements of light that cause color, are everywhere! They are massless, yet still affected by gravity, have angular momentum, and can impart energy and momentum to matter with which they interact. And by their nature, they impart vibration.

Light is the fabric! Because of it’s multi-timbral nature, it’s hard to deny light probably carries more information than we know! And most of this electromagnetic radiation is (quite usefully) invisible! Is the answer in the photons? Organic life depends on them for its existence, and its perception of its existence!

It starts to feel all very one-and-the-same.

snark guitar tunerWell-known autistic savant Daniel Tammet, when being tested with complicated math problems, told interviewers he could see the numbers as shapes and colors in his mind. In 2005, the Autism Research Centre determined Tammet had synesthesia (i.e. union of senses), meaning he associates numbers (and for some autistics music) with color!

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The Universal Answer, A Chapter From “Nothing” by Mark Urso, Featuring Bruce Willis in a Wife Beater

We’re given infinity; we’re given it as children; we like it – it’s fascinating. The same ideas we’re trying so hard to blow up are so familiar to humans they’re like instinct, like a kid fascinated with the size of a grain of sand, like gazing at the sky, almost as if, if we figured out the concept of infinity, by studying the size of a one-dimensional string, or the universe; if we “blew up” infinity, it would be like blowing up the universe as we know it! The unknown is so familiar it’s embedded in the way we understand the universe, almost as if we understand the unknown; and the way we understand it, it’s definition, is an “unattainable” quantity or size; it can’t be blown up! “

candleAs humans, most of us don’t even understand how our own bodies work. But this is natural. Organic life is a precarious balance, and, while the study of the extreme and unimaginable is fascinating, it’s not really all that helpful. If a human sought to learn Continue reading “The Universal Answer, A Chapter From “Nothing” by Mark Urso, Featuring Bruce Willis in a Wife Beater”

Free Beer!

janet jackson
I love the Internet.

“Don’t hold back just have a good time!”
“Let’s save our troubles for another day!”
– Janet Jackson, “Escapade”

I wanted to give you free beer, but I don’t have any. So then I wanted to give you some free music recorded by Janet Jackson, but I was afraid she might get mad at me. So, I do have free stuff, but it’s not beer.

Sort of a technicality.

Free music, though. Do NOT tell anyone.

Stop by sometime; I’m saving you a piece of pizza!

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