How 2 Bloody Write Good (or, Funny Is The New Serious!) (Free Song! “Where The Goblins Go”) (Free Movie! “Sir Robin”)

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These days it’s hard to make it all work on a writer’s salary. But studying the great authors, it’s clear needing a day job is nothing new. For example, some of history’s greatest wordsmiths worked as lumberjacks, as evidenced by the following old manuscript:

“I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay
I sleep all night and I work all day!”

– Monty Python

My friend Bill, an important businessman, though not actually a lumberjack, told me I should be funny more. Not that I wasn’t already funny, but that I should take it more seriously! Continue reading “How 2 Bloody Write Good (or, Funny Is The New Serious!) (Free Song! “Where The Goblins Go”) (Free Movie! “Sir Robin”)”

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing (or, Not The Best Apple Pie Recipe!)

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I don’t really know what a blog is supposed to be about, except I did see the movie with the girl who blogged about Julia Childs, and enjoyed it. But, and I imagine I’m not alone, throughout the movie I never really “got” how the blogger chick was making the big bucks.

dragonSo far for me, if my blog is making a lot of money, it’s keeping it to itself and not telling me. I’ll just keep doing what I think bloggers do! As a reader, you’re doing great!

This is NOT stream of thought. It’s painstakingly difficult to write blog stuff. Respect, man.

I bought some more apples. The others got eaten.

I was going to take a photo of the new bunch of apples (once again galas), because they’re really beautiful … but, frankly they look just like the first ones.

So much that, when I first set them into their apple bowl, Continue reading “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing (or, Not The Best Apple Pie Recipe!)”

From Invisible to OnStage (“I’m Invisible!” Music Video!)

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How do you spell … Mademoiselle?

There are lots of ways to be invisible!

My cat, Penelope (wherever she is …), is invisible whenever I can’t see her! And she’s well aware of it! I’ve learned in business you can be invisible even when you try to call attention to yourself! Being invisible sometimes has nothing at all to do with the invisible one!

This is a new song, “I’m Invisible.” It’s a fast thing, a little different Continue reading “From Invisible to OnStage (“I’m Invisible!” Music Video!)”

Sugar Sugar! This One’s For You! (Video)

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Today’s entertainment roster:
Original Song Video: “My Feet and My Mind”

Thank you for enjoying my music!

Thanks to my friends, who I don’t really know very well because I’m a little shy sometimes, with the band Sugar! This is one of the most talented groups I’ve seen, and I spent years discovering talent Continue reading “Sugar Sugar! This One’s For You! (Video)”

The Important Role of Fish In Songwriting (Fishin’ For a Kissin’)

fish are important

Fish are important. Ask any cat. Or a bear, or other fish!

For a lot of reasons. That’s why I have one on my shirt in this video. In future videos, I will try to wear a nicer shirt, but this shirt was important because the song I’m singing is about fish!

Now the important stuff is out of the way, let’s continue with our Summer Concert Series (I just made that up), with my original tune, played by me in my fish shirt, Continue reading “The Important Role of Fish In Songwriting (Fishin’ For a Kissin’)”